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Fox News Helps Rove Rewrite History Of Bush Administration’s Dreadful Record On Global Warming

Reported by Ellen - December 9, 2009 -

A discussion on the O’Reilly Factor that was ostensibly about the Copenhagen climate conference turned into little more than a Republican Rehab session for George W. Bush’s widely reviled record on global warming. The very fact that the only guest for the segment was political operative Karl Rove, who has no discernible expertise in science, indicated that Fox’s intention was to use the segment for partisan political (GOP) purposes. Rove’s comments sounded so well rehearsed, almost as though he had memorized his lines, that it’s hard to believe he had not prepared at least an informal script for himself in advance. Meanwhile, as he preposterously extolled environmental accomplishment after accomplishment of the Bush administration, O’Reilly overlooked controversy after controversy in their record and criticism after criticism that was leveled at the Bush White House from nearly every green organization. With video

That isn’t to say that O’Reilly wasn't at least somewhat skeptical. “You guys didn’t have any interest in the global warming deal, did you?” he asked Rove about the Bush administration.

"Bill, don’t show your ignorance so quickly and easily," Rove joked. "...Here’s the dirty little secret… For seven years, Bush pursued a policy of using technology and technology advancements… in order to advance an environmentally sensitive program aimed at an insurance program if global warming is real.”

Whatever the heck that meant, O'Reilly didn't ask.

Rove went on to brag that thanks to Bush, the country was on its way “to have greenhouse gas reductions of more than 12% without a cap and trade bill, without huge energy taxes because the investments that the Bush administration made in technology and research and development and expansion of these technologies.”

O’Reilly did say that there had not been a “major breakthrough” in the use of wind, solar or even nuclear technology despite all that R&D.

“I disagree,” Rove said, citing as “proof” that under Bush, applications for nuclear power plants had grown from one to 22. And what had happened to those applications thanks to Bush? Rove didn’t say.

Rove also cited “significant investments” in wind, solar, and other green technologies, too.

“Look, I didn’t know most of this,” O’Reilly said, taking Rove at his word, instead of, apparently, doing any of his own research. “You’re telling me that you and W. were green guys and I…” He shrugged, as if to say, “Who’s to doubt it?”

Well, plenty. In a January, 2009 article, Britain’s The Guardian took a look at Bush’s environmental legacy just before he left office. It was not a pretty picture.

"He has undone decades if not a century of progress on the environment," said Josh Dorner, a spokesman for the Sierra Club, one of America's largest environmental groups”

..."Certainly the most destructive part of the Bush environmental legacy is not only his failure to act on global climate change, but his administration's covert attempt to silence the science alerting us to the urgency of the problem," said Jonathan Dorn of the Earth Policy Institute (EPA) (sic) in Washington."

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