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Glenn Beck Shouldn’t Quit His Day Job

Reported by Priscilla - December 5, 2009 -

Glenn Beck’s “Christmas Sweater” show wasn’t exactly a box office smash. While it did well in conservative areas, it didn’t fare so well in the evil, librul enclaves of reason and diversity such as Boston, NY, and Washington D.C. So, if Beck is thinking about quitting his TV and radio gigs and heading to the white lights of Broadway, he should think again. As a “one man show,” Hal Holbrook he ain’t. But his show (minus the Harlem choir) was vintage Beck and one review, written by blogger Joseph Childers, captures the surreal quality of something that defies description. Was it performance art? Is it self directed therapy? Is it a product of some really bad “acid?” Who knows? But Childer’s review is well worth reading especially the part about the copious amount of liquid oozing from Beck’s body.