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Bill O’Reilly Says Christianity Attacked By Baby Jesus Hating, Jealous Atheists

Reported by Priscilla - December 5, 2009 -

As a professional Christian (and unrepentant accused sexual harasser), Bill O’Reilly thinks that all those who don’t subscribe to the one, true church of Bill O’Reilly are on the fast track to eternal damnation. And nobody gets Bill’s nice, Christian, white knickers in a knot more than atheists. Last year, Bill launched a crusade against the atheist sign which was part of the Christmas display in the Washington state capitol building – a crusade that cost the Washington taxpayers beaucoup bucks in that public employees were spending their time fielding e-mail and telephone calls from Bill’s Christmas crusaders who weren’t exactly spreading good cheer. But it’s the season for the Fox/O’Reilly “war on Christmas” and what’s a Christmas without something for Bill to direct his Christian, Christmas ire towards? This season’s phony outrage is a twofer as it combines the “war on Christmas” with those nasty atheists that Bill so loves to hate. Bill and his “Culture Warriors” discussed it earlier this week. Poor Inquisitor Bill – if it weren’t for that pesky First Amendment…..

Contact Information for Bill O'Reilly - [email protected].

In introducing the segment, Bill reported that the American Humanist Association has signs, inside and on buses and rail cars, which say “No God, No Problem!” He showed some video footage of the signs and said to Margaret Hoover, you come from your honeymoon and you see these filthy signs.” Bill wanted to know “why do they do it?” Hoover responded that the group “has a problem with America’s cultural traditions” of which Christmas is the most important. Bill wanted to know why they don’t like Christmas. When good Christian Gretchen Carlson, said “Jesus Christ,” Bill followed up with “they don’t like the baby Jesus.” Carlson loudly asserted “this is a direct and deliberate smear against Christianity” and asked if they would do this campaign in July. Bill did the perfunctory, right wing “they wouldn’t do this to Muslims” in asking if they could get away with this saying this about Allah at Ramadan to which he and Carlson said, “I don’t think so.” Former Miss America was indignant and said “they’re only doing on purpose…in December and this is the most sacred time for Christians.” After noting the rest of the atheist message about “being good for goodness sake.” O’Reilly (who obviously wasn’t deterred from bad behavior which would have been more than a “venial” sin), very indignant, asked why do they loathe the baby Jesus?” Carlson said “they see a movement brewing” and referenced polls that indicate "that more and more Americans are atheists and agnostic” (OH, NOoooooo) “and they see that growing movement… they’re attacking Christians." After Bill asked how you “sell atheism by running down a baby, it’s just a baby.” Carlson said that it’s the product of Christianity, “traditional values,” that are being attacked.

Bill then provided his explanation which is that atheists are jealous. He asked what atheists have at Christmas other than “the latest Bill Maher special.” (Nice Freudian slip there, Father Christmas) He continued we have Christmas, we have fun we have presents.” (Right Bill, crass commercialism makes the Baby Jesus really happy.) While Carlson said that atheists “don’t have Jesus.” Bill said that atheists are jealous because Christians and Jews are “having a great time and they’re sitting around watching Rosie O’Donnell tapes.” (Yet another person on Father Christmas “naughty” list). Adding some semblance of reason to the discussion, Hoover said that she thought that Bill was crazy and to that I would add a hearty, secular “amen.”

Comment: It’s ironic don’t you think that Bill spews his nasty invective, on a national "news" network, on a nightly basis; yet he says that the atheist signs are “filthy.” Is he that insecure in his faith that he can’t say that these signs provide an opportunity for Christians to further affirm their faith – rather than attack the atheists. If Bill were the good Christian that he thinks he is, he would have cited the words of the AHA Director, Roy Speckhardt as a basis for discussion. Speckhardt contends that "religion does not have a monopoly on morality and that people can be good without a belief in God." He says "we want to change the way people think and talk about nontheists, and to pave the way for acceptance of humanism as a valid and positive philosophy of life.” Speckhardt sees the signs as a way to “build awareness” of their “ethical system” – a system which the ethically challenged Bill O’Reilly doesn’t buy. And while we’re at it – what’s wrong with being good for goodness sake and not because a nun told you that you were going to hell for your sins or that a Marianist brother might “punch you in the arms.” But Bill still sees the world from the perspective of a boy whose father had serious anger issues – a man who did engage in “shots in the arm.” And it seems that the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree with America’s Daddy, Bill O’Reilly, who believes that you’d better f*ing believe in the Baby Jesus. Freud would have a field day.

And if you want more of Bill's frothings about evil atheists, you can read his latest column "Have Yourself A Godless Christmas" at Town Hall.

Addendum: Bill needs to know that Hannukah isn't Christmas:
"Gift-giving is not a traditional part of the holiday, but has been added in places where Jews have a lot of contact with Christians, as a way of dealing with our children's jealousy of their Christian friends. It is extremely unusual for Jews to give Chanukkah gifts to anyone other than their own young children. The only traditional gift of the holiday is "gelt," small amounts of money"