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It’s “Miller Time” on The O’Reilly Factor . . . Obama-bashing and the War on Women

Reported by Julie - December 3, 2009 -

Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller yucked it up last night (12/2/09), with O’Reilly standing by while Miller tried valiantly to be funny while attacking President Obama’s speech on Afghanistan and the strategy in general. The duo even found the time, in the midst of their busy Obama-bashing schedule, to throw some sexist jabs at the blonde White House party-crasher and, of course, Nancy Pelosi. With video.

Miller came right out of the gate, firing random shots but missing the target.

“Nobody gives a more eloquent or nuanced acquiescence to the bad guys than our President. That is a well-embroidered towel that he throws in . . . The guy now is on his 50th speech in a row where he’s really eloquent about saying absolutely nothing and when he put an end-date on this war, Mr. President, it’s a war against radical Islamic fundamental evil. This is not a Yoplait container. There’s no end-date on this thing . . . he’s a good speaker, he just doesn’t say anything, and what he does say . . . he almost looks embarrassed that America’s gonna have to save the world and I don’t get that, that’s a disconnect for me.”

First of all, since Miller apparently hasn’t read anything but Stand Up Comic Routines for Dummies the last day or so, he doesn’t know, as reported by The Vancouver Sun, “U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the timetable for a military pullback depends on the ability of Afghan forces to take over responsibility for security . . . ‘If it appears that the strategy's not working and that we are not going to be able to transition in 2011, then we will take a hard look at the strategy itself . . .We're not just going to throw these (Afghans) into the swimming pool and walk away.’”

O’Reilly noted that in his Talking Points Memo and earlier in the segment when he had talked to Dick Morris, he ran a General Patton clip of George C. Scott. He did that, O’Reilly said, “Not to trivialize real life and death” but to say that “the President doesn’t seem to be engaged passionately or emotionally or with a sense of urgency on a very, very difficult matter.”

“I did not see the rallying . . .,” O’Reilly complained. “He wasn’t rallying anybody, in my opinion.” Well, yeah, he probably wasn’t. He inherited this war from W. The Democrats largely oppose further war efforts in Afghanistan, and the President knows, from past experience with the Opposition Party, that he’ll never get their full support. He’s the President, he took it under advisement, he made the call, and, frankly, he doesn’t need to rally anybody.

O’Reilly let Miller continue his diatribe: “The only thing I can think is he wants to gaslight the Taliban . . . They’re even sitting there in those caves going, he can’t mean this, can he? He can’t throw down on his own country this frequently . . . [they suspect] he’s leading them into a box canyon here. When the great Satan gives you that come-hither look, beware . . . this drip, drip, drip abdication. It’s almost like a sublingual surrender . . . just pull the white flag . . . when you go, you have to go Roman, you have to end these guys . . . This sets you up to use the big one on the end of it, because you know if these guys are not reined in right here, right now, something big’s gonna happen, and ironically he’s gonna be the one in history who might have to recreate the Truman thing because he’s playing it soft up front and there might be hell to pay on the back end.”

Wow, isn’t that something? Eight years of a war, less than one of it under President Obama’s watch, and “right here, right now,” we have to “end these guys?” What was Bush’s job, then, in the 7 years post-9/11, learning to rope a steer on his ranch?

Ah, yes, I remember now – Miller, back in 2004, gave Bush a pass.

“I like him," Miller explained, “I'm going to give him a pass. I take care of my friends.” I guess he meant it.

And hey, about that talking a lot but “saying absolutely nothing” thing Miller accused Obama of – didn’t Miller invent that concept? Miller can accuse President Obama of “playing it soft up front” all he wants, but General McChrystal asked for 40,000 troops and President Obama gave him 30,000. And some Republicans in Congress on Wednesday, including John McCain, endorsed President Obama’s strategy. Said McCain, “The point is that it's a good, strong strategy. It's a good policy. I think it will succeed.” I can’t say for sure, but it doesn’t sound like McCain is expecting President Obama to “recreate the Truman thing.”

Miller ran out of humorous tidbits on the Afghanistan speech, and referred back to the sexist playbook, with O’Reilly’s hearty endorsement. Miller, discussing the female White House party-crasher, said, “I want them to depose her and get her to admit she’s 44 under oath . . . I’m just proud of our president when they showed him, it was just nice to finally see him not bowing to somebody . . . He could have made them czars, Billy . . . she’s the peroxide czar.”

That was fun.

O’Reilly brought up Nancy Pelosi, the alleged $3,000 she spent on flowers, and how she “runs up big tabs” all over the place. O’Reilly, of course, forgot to mention what other “big tabs” Speaker Pelosi “runs up” – maybe he’s saving the real journalism for another segment in, like, his next life?

Miller responded, “I think Pelosi in the horticulture world is known as a self-fertilizer, so I think she can keep these plants alive a long time . . . $3,000 for the Speaker of the House on flowers for two months doesn’t bother me, giving a billion, or a trillion dollars to this woman who looks like she could lose a game of tic-tac-toe to a grubworm, that’s what bugs me. If she wants to spend 3K on flowers, fine, have at it, but stay away from the healthcare plan, honey, you’re not armed.”

Hmm, isn't it interesting that O'Reilly laments and harshly criticizes what he considers the terrible media bashing of Sarah Palin -- who's a virtual nobody -- and yet sits idly by while his guest cruelly insults the Speaker of the House?

Miller continued, uninterrupted by O’Reilly, “I’m surprised they don’t spend more than $3,000 . . . she keeps pushing this she’s gonna have to spend flowers to put on her political grave . . . I’m thinking of going to her district and setting up residency so I can vote against her.”

A little chuckle, nudge-nudge, ha ha, from Bill, who said, “But I love the line, she oughta be saving up money for the flowers to put on her political grave, I like that line, Miller, it could very well happen.”

What, are these guys trying to reinvent the He-Man Woman Haters Club? Just like during the Bush years, O’Reilly and Miller would like to see this Administration “wiped clean of strong-willed women in positions of power.” To borrow a phrase used by the Democratic Underground in 2004 (in relation to George W), Miller and O’Reilly are “all CB and no truck.”