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Did Ainsley Earhardt Ask The Dumbest Question Ever Heard On Fox & Friends?

Reported by Priscilla - November 29, 2009 -

If we’re talking Fox & Friends, we ain’t talking MENSA material. But just when you thought that Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade had taken the proverbial booby prize, along comes holiday second stringer, Ainsley Earhardt. I’m not a fan of “dumb blonde” jokes because there are many blondes who are quite intelligent – Hillary Clinton for one. But I must say that perky, blonde, and not exactly MENSA material Ainsley does provide grist for the stereotype. Her comment, worthy of Monty Pythonesque “howls of derisive laughter," was part of a Fox & Friends segment that was yet another skirmish in the Fox News patented “war on Christmas” full of the usual misinformation and spin. But when you’ve got propaganda to peddle which, in addition to the “war on Christmas,” was another volley in the Fox News war on atheists - who cares about that!!! Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Ainsley’s question represented a higher level of Zen like profundity. I report, you decide.

The Fox & Friends segment was about a decision by a Pennsylvania town to stop allowing holiday displays in the town square. The video, which captured part of the Fox & Friends report, was titled “Fox News Dumbest Anti-Atheist Question Of the Month.” It was narrated by somebody who, earlier in the year, posted another video about a stupid anti atheist question asked, on Fox & Friends, about whether Barack Obama’s mentioning atheists in his inaugural address was offensive. The narrator wondered if this question surpassed the former in stupidity. This latest Fox & Friends segment was a report on a decision by a town in Pennsylvania to ban holiday displays from the public square. The narrator points out the patented Fox exaggeration in the “tease:” “All holiday displays completely banned. Why folks in one town chose to ditch the holiday instead of allowing atheists to celebrate in their town.” The narrator points out that the only place where the displays are not allowed is in the town square and the Nativity scene in the Fox visual could be moved across the street to the lawn of the Presbyterian Church. He notes that blaming atheists for wanting to put up a solstice sign honoring atheist war veterans is an exaggeration because Fox & Friends then showed commentary from a town councilor who said that the main concerns were about “opening up the town square as a forum for any display” which could include political hate speech. Ready for Ainsley’s moment of Zen? Here ya go: "My question is if they want to honor the veterans who have passed away, but they’re atheists, they don’t believe in life after death who are they honoring?" Ainsley gave us her best grin during the question which Clayton Morris and the other guy couldn’t answer. The narrator asks if Ainsley honors the dead, not out of love and respect; but because they’re watching her.

Comment: This smear of atheists is mild compared to Gretchen Carlson and Bill O’Reilly who, last year, had their nice, white Christian panties in a bunch about the atheist sign in Washington. Carlson even said that there should be no freedom of speech on Christmas. The entire Fox & Friends video wasn’t recorded so one wonders if the Foxettes mentioned that the town policy, which allowed any “content neutral” holiday displays, was changed because Christians objected to the solstice sign being placed near the baby Jesus. That atheists were denied their opportunity to honor war dead because Christians weren’t happy suggests that the town acceded to anti atheist bigotry – a bigotry which received validation on Fox & Friends which is, of course, part of America's Christian newsroom. But here’s the question – is Ainsley Earhardt really stupid or did she blow your mind!?