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Steve Doocy And Brian Kilmeade Unabashedly Promote Pro-life Propaganda

Reported by Priscilla - November 19, 2009 -

I know that Fox&Friends is officially part of the Fox “Opinion” News, so it wasn’t surprising that Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, on last week’s Fox&Friends, did a “cupcake” interview with Democratic US Rep. Bart Stupak – the author of an amendment to the House health care bill which has far ranging reproductive ramifications for American women. Both Doocy and Kilmeade are Roman Catholics so it wasn’t surprising that they allowed their co religionist to peddle his pro-life propaganda regarding a bill which the American Council of Catholic Bishops had a huge hand in drafting and supporting. And in providing a “right to life” definition of the bill, the Fox “friends” provided a pulpit, once again, for the anti-choice gospel that Fox preaches to its anti-choice audience. But even if you’re doing “opinion” news, don’t you have some obligation towards objectivity? Not if you’re America’s pro-life newsroom.

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Kilmeade started the segment by providing the simplistic and misleading “right to life” spin on the bill. He said that the amendment would “bar federal dollars from funding abortions.” The reality is far more complex as it relates to the availability of insurance plans, which cover abortions, to women accessing the proposed health care exchanges. Kilmeade appeared to be agitated when he said that the amendment, according to David Axelrod, might be stripped from the bill. Brian repeated the word “stripped” in case you didn’t get it the first time. A video of Axlerod’s comments, about the President not wanting to change the status quo, was shown. Knowing what the answer would be, Doocy asked a scripted Fox “opinion” question: “That’s got to be disheartening, you guys do your work on Capitol Hill and then they’re some switcheroo at the last moment when, yeah, we’re just gonna take that thing out.” Stupak said that “they’re not gonna take it out” and asserted that “55% of the country, according to the Representatives, agrees with our position.” (No Bart, just because a Representative votes for a certain bill, it doesn’t mean that all his/her constituents favor it). He continued the anti-choice propaganda that the language of the Hyde language “should remain” when, in reality, this amendment goes far beyond the Hyde Amendment. Kilmeade did the “Fox reach around” when he described what Stupak was thinking: “You’re a pro-life Democrat who worked hard and said “you’re not going to count me and many others aboard if you’re gonna have federal dollars going to abortion…so you’re very happy with the final result.” Stupak reiterated how 55% of the House said “no public funding for abortion” – the “anti-choice” mantra which obfuscates the issue. Stupak continued the propaganda when he claimed that “most people agree that you don’t use public funds for abortion.” – which was more obfuscation because the stat on “public funding” applies to the Medicaid policy and certainly does not apply to the Stupak amendment which, to my knowledge, hasn’t been polled. The lie continued when he claimed “that’s all our amendment says.” Doocy continued the “Fox reach around” when he asked if Stupak’s jaw dropped when he heard Axlerod. Doocy added “you guys have been burning the midnight oil, trying to make this work, making it clear that federal money will not be used to end a life.” Stupak said you just can’t do away with something the majority of the House wanted. (Actually, in “reconciliation” that happens quite frequently) because “David Axlerod doesn’t like it.” (Uh, Bart, a huge segment of the pro-choice community has been mobilized. It’s not just David Axlerod.) Doocy asked Stupak what will happen if the final bill contains “federal funding for abortion.” Stupak said that would be a problem; but stopped short of saying that he and his anti—choice pals would squelch health care.

Comment: Wow, I sure hope Doocy and Kilmeade score some plenary indulgences on that one because they sure did the bishop’s bidding in totally misrepresenting this bill in favor of “pro-life” propaganda. They really tipped their hand when they referred to “ending a life” when the correct language should have been “what some consider to be ending a life” because not all religions feel that women are murderers. But beyond this, the total lack of any journalistic standards was amazing. There are some serious questions regarding the Stupak Amendment which the guys didn’t address. The Stupak Amendment goes beyond Hyde in that it would prohibit women who pay for their own coverage to have access to plans that do cover abortion because, according to the lifers, this money would spill over into funding abortions. It’s like saying that if you get food stamps (a government subsidy) you can’t use your own money to pay for your abortion. Not noted by the guys is the fact that 17 states currently allow Medicaid funded abortions because the state funds are segregated. Not mentioned in the interview was the Capps Amendment which would have set up a mechanism for insurance companies to do the same. Marci Hamilton, a legal scholar, contends that this amendment is unconstitutional as it violates “equal protection, due process, and privacy rights.” CNN”s legal commentator, Jeff Toobin, also argues that the intent of this legislation is make access to abortion much harder as it prohibits the federal plan from offering plans that cover abortion and in so doing will discourage the private sector insurance companies from offering any plans, to anybody, that cover abortions. A new study from the GWU School of Health makes this quite clear. Since the moment that this passed, there has been a lot of deconstruction of the onerous consequences of the bill – but you didn’t hear it on Fox&Friends. Funny, on the same day that the guys provided a platform for Stupak, Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand spoke of how she and other pro-choice women politicians are vowing to defeat the Stupak Amendment. Wonder if Fox&Friends will interview her? Of all the propaganda pieces I’ve seen on Fox’s morning kid’s show, this one takes the cupcake!