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Tis The Season For The “War On Christmas” And America’s Newsroom Is Bringing It!

Reported by Priscilla - November 18, 2009 -

As a mouthpiece for the religious right, “America’s Newsroom” is really America’s Christian Newsroom and as part of their covenant with the Murdoch divinity, Fox has pledged to support the crusade (or is it jihad) against anyone who dares to defile the sacredness of a holiday devoted to the excesses of capitalism, ubiquitous schlocky musak, and general tackiness. As such, Christian culture clubbers, Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota fired an early salvo in the annual Fox Opinion News “war on Christimas” which serves to remind all those damned non Christians that they’d better f’ing say “Merry Christmas” or else. It’s not even Thanksgiving and the Fox “war on Christmas” is on – in fact, Hemmer and Camerota say it’s “raging.”

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Hemmer and Camerota are concerned about a school in evil, librul Massachusetts which has a ban on items which pertain to symbols “associated with the traditions of this season” at the school holiday fund raiser. Camerota, only several seconds into the segment, lied (she won't be on Santa's good list) when she alluded to “new rules” this year because, as the Boston Globe points out, this policy has been in effect since 1982 in this overwhelmingly Catholic community. This year, the policy was challenged by two parents whom one expects to see, very soon, on Fox News – in fact, one assumes that the two women (“some parents”) interviewed by the Fox local were these very people. After the commentary by these women, including a claim that red and green tissue paper is banned, a shot of the “Grinch” was shown. The Fox “reporter” continued the “Grinch” theme when he said “determined to beat this Grinchy spirit parents sounded off at a PTO meeting.” (Again, two parents). Adding some real lucidity to the argument, one of the women asked what would happen if somebody were to donate a “swastika.” (Huh??). After a short statement by the school superintendent speaking of the “separation of church and state,” one of the aggrieved gals said that she “wants it to be fair.” After the conclusion of the local interview (in which the “reporter” didn’t mention that the matter will be brought up at the November 24th PTO meeting), Camerota said “red and green tissue paper is a separation of church and state, Santa Claus?” to which Hemmer said “I can’t make sense of it, you know?" He then got to the real meaning of Christmas when he added “When I saw my first Christmas lights up before Halloween, I knew the economy was really hurting. I mean, they're telling America, 'Buy.' We need the money.”

Comment: I wonder if the school personnel are, as we speak, getting cheery Christmas (notice that I didn’t say “holiday”) hate mail and death threats from the Christmas crusaders who watch Fox News. That kind of Christmas spirit really makes the baby Jesus smile.