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Palin to O’Reilly: “I Believe That I Am” Capable of Being President of the United States . . . Reiman, Analyze the Body Language on THAT

Reported by Julie - November 18, 2009 -

On last night’s O’Reilly Factor/Body Language segment (11/18/09), Tonya Reiman had some interesting observations about O’Reilly’s interviews with (conservative) Sarah Palin, (MSM) Sally Quinn, and (conseeeeeeeeervative – and male) Lou Dobbs. It’s a shocker, all right: O’Reilly was most respectful to Dobbs, careful not to offend Palin, and, of course, had the most aggressive stance toward the delegate of mainstream media, Quinn. I like Tonya Reiman, I really do. She does a little too much pandering, in my view – I agree with what News Hounds’ Deborah wrote back in 2007 about Reiman’s gig on O’Reilly: “She's [Reiman] managed to amuse him or feed his insatiable ego without saying anything too damaging to the subjects or her lucrative weekly gig.” But someday, when Reiman’s not beholden to Fox News, I’d really like to know the truth about what she sees in O’Reilly’s body language. With video.

First of all, O’Reilly claimed he didn’t want his Palin interview to be a “cupcake” interview, or, in layman’s terms, a “cupcake” interview of a “cupcake.” Sure, he asked her a couple of gently posed “hard” questions (well, for her a hard question might be, “What did you have for lunch?”) But anyway, O’Reilly played a short clip of his nearly hour-long interview with Palin, and Reiman was on hand to analyze the body language. She, of course, didn’t say that the interview was soft, but in so many words noted that he pulled back on being hard on her. Roll the clip.

“Do you believe,” O’Reilly asked Palin, “That you are smart enough, incisive enough, intellectual enough, to handle the most powerful job in the world . . . ?”

“I believe that I am,” Palin said in her usual narcissistic, egotistical, totally deluded way, “Because I have common sense, and I have I believe the values that are reflective of so many other American values.”

I actually gasped.

Reiman noted, “I thought she was intimidated by you.” Music to O’Reilly’s ears – no cupcake interview! Reiman noted that when O’Reilly started asking questions, Palin’s lips tightened, which is “fear, anxiety,” and O’Reilly seemed happily surprised to hear that. Reiman went on to say that when O’Reilly pointed his hand at her, and leaned in, his thumb “goes down.”

“You were trying to make sure that this came across as an interview not an interrogation . . . thumbs are power digits,” Reiman told O’Reilly.

“I tried to be very respectful to Sarah Palin,” O’Reilly said, the Knight in Shining Armor, “Because so many people have given her a hard time and I didn’t want to do that . . . but on the other hand I didn’t want it to a cupcake interview, and it wasn’t.”

O’Reilly disagreed that she was intimidated, saying, “I thought she was relaxed . . . .”

Reiman backed off a bit, conceding, “She was guarded . . . very guarded.”

“Here’s the difference,” O’Reilly said. “She didn’t control this interview . . . and she did control the Walters-Oprah interviews . . . .” Ah, yes, the all-important control. Notice how he denigrated Oprah and Walters (two females) for not having “control” of their subject?

Moving on to Sally Quinn – O’Reilly said last week he “had to rough her up a little – verbally, of course . . . the Ft. Hood thing, she wouldn’t put the terrorist designation on the Major who killed all those people.” Hmmm, first he’s into “control” of one female, and now he has to rough up another.

Out of the gate, O’Reilly attacks and demeans Quinn, crying indignantly, “A third grader gets this and you’re resisting it – I wanna know why.” And here’s a third – he demeans Quinn for not being as savvy as a third-grader.

Quinn wouldn’t commit to the “terrorist” tag, so O’Reilly kept bullying her until she finally humored him, saying flatly, “Okay, he’s a Muslim terrorist.”

Reiman told O’Reilly that Quinn’s final comment was a “that’s enough” comment. Reiman also pointed out that O’Reilly had the “double chop” with Quinn – both hands pointing at her (no thumb down?) -- and O’Reilly cackled a bit about that.

“You were very animated, and on the flip side she’s so passive during this interview,” Reiman noted. Evidently, O’Reilly-speak is catching, because that “animated” thing Reiman talked about was really bullying, and “passive” on the part of Quinn was actually calm, cool and collected,

Reiman noted a point where Quinn’s mouth turns down into a frown, and O’Reilly boasted, “But she knew she couldn’t win the argument, I was overwhelming her with facts.” And underwhelming the rest of us.

On to Dobbs . . . there wasn’t a lot to say, because O’Reilly gave Dobbs a pretty wide latitude. Reiman noted that Dobbs has “excellent body language,” and said he carried himself well. She denied any defensiveness, thought he was relatively relaxed, saying, “He recognized that this is your territory,” and said the Dobbs interview was a “whole different level of intimidation” than the Palin interview.

“Cupcake” interview – with the female. “Control” the interview – with the female. “Rough her up a little” – the female, of course. “A third grader gets it” – oh, those dumb females. “Double chop” – only with the female. “She couldn’t win” – zero sum game, if she wins, I lose.

O’Reilly could sit as still as a statute, and his body language would still scream “sexist control freak.”