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Hannity And Bennett Team Up To Attack Obama For Not Being Anti-Muslim Enough

Reported by Ellen - November 13, 2009 -

Unrepentant bigot Sean Hannity got together with one of his past beneficiaries of Racist Right-wing Rehab, Bill “You could abort every black baby in this country and your crime rate would go down” Bennett, for a racial variation on the meme I posted about earlier this week: blaming President Obama for the attack on Fort Hood, wrapped up in a racially-charged, anti-Muslim package. With Bennett, Hannity played down the Fort Hood angle and accentuated the anti-Muslim slant, quickly followed by suggestions that Obama is too pro-Muslim, and concluded with a suggestion that Obama was tougher on a white Cambridge police officer than on a Muslim terrorist. Bennett, however, grossly overestimated the likely number of radical Muslims in the world, misquoted General George Casey, chief of staff of the Army, as saying that losing diversity would be a worse tragedy than Fort Hood and channeled Glenn Beck by falsely alleging that White House communications director Anita Dunn “admires Mao Tse Tung.” Hannity corrected none of Bennett's falsehoods. With video.

As we have come to expect from Hannity, a reasoned exploration of what happened at Fort Hood was forgone in favor of sensational insinuations, all of them blatantly anti-Obama and with racial overtones.

Hannity began by complaining, “The president and many others in this country have stopped short of calling this incident (at Fort Hood) a terrorist act.”

Bennett began with a swipe at Hannity’s former television partner, Alan Colmes. “You’re alone. It’s nice… No echo from the left,” Bennett said, proving he’s as much of a class act as ever.

Then, returning to the subject at hand, Bennett got right down to the bigotry. He looked smug as he added that Fort Hood was “not just a terrorist attack, it’s a terrorist attack by a radical Muslim. And you won’t hear THAT said either.”

Bennett continued, “That there are these people in the world, we understand. That there may be 200 million of them, as Professor Lewis used to say, we understand.” Bennett seemed to be saying that there are 200 million radical Muslims in the world but that seems a gross overestimate. According to CNN, there are 1.57 billion Muslims in the world. According to a blog at the neoconservative Commentary Magazine (which would be unlikely to underestimate the number), based on a total of 1.3 billion total Muslims, 7 percent or 91 million are radical. A conservative, Christian website broke down the math and concluded that the number of those willing and able to do us harm was more like 31,000.

“Political correctness kept people from confronting (Hasan) and making him accountable because they didn’t want to appear or to be called anti-Muslim,” Bennett said.

“I think that’s a key point,” Hannity began and then started to move toward making it all about Obama. But first, Hannity ratcheted up the fear factor. “Here’s the question. With all the evidence that we had for such a long period of time, that was ignored by law enforcement, by the Army, by the FBI, are there others that have infiltrated our armed forces?” Of course, if Hannity really wanted to know the answer, he’d interview a guest with some actual expertise in this area, rather than Bennett, who has none, as far as I can discern.

But that didn’t stop Bennett from playing an expert on TV. “No kidding,” he said in answer to whether there are “others that have infiltrated.” Now they had veered away from a radical Muslim terrorist attack to a Muslim terrorist who had infiltrated the Army, all without benefit of a completed investigation.

Hannity zeroed in on the racial attack on Obama. “The president was so quick to say that the police acted stupidly in Cambridge.”

“Right. That’s right,” Bennett said.

“Rush to judgment there but not here,” Hannity added.

There’s a big difference between the Henry Gates case in Cambridge and the Fort Hood shootings, and it’s not just the fact that nobody was hurt in Cambridge. By the time Obama opined about a rush to judgment by the Cambridge when they arrested Professor Henry Gates after he broke into his own home, the case was over. Second, Fort Hood is a much more important case than Cambridge, though considering how much attention Hannity paid to Gates and given how hard Hannity endeavors to paint Obama as a black racist, it’s not much of a stretch to think that Hannity might find the two events comparable.

Bennett got right with that program. “Rush to judgment there and it’s perfectly obvious what happened here.”

Of course, the investigation is still ongoing but it seems that Bennett and Hannity don’t need any more facts, that their conclusions are drawn and set in stone.

“We know the poison. We know what this stuff is and we’ve got to be able to take it on,” Bennett said.

Hannity, who had just asked about Muslim terrorism infiltrating the armed forces didn’t want to discuss it any more. Instead, he asked for Bennett’s “overview of Barack Obama.” Just to make sure it would be inflammatory, Hannity added, “In short mine is… he is a radical ideologue, has no inclination or tendencies towards moderation.” I feel certain that if he were not worried about the effect on his career, Hannity would have added “racist” to the mix. He has certainly suggested it often enough.

Bennett looked pensive. “Much worse than I thought. You know, early on, I will confess, when I heard people saying, ‘socialist,’ and this and that… I said ‘Easy guys, let’s hold up.’ …Then his communications director steps up and says how much she admires Mao Tse Tung and you’ve got to look at the evidence… But I think he’s committed to his ideology.”

Another falsehood from Bennett. What Dunn really said was that she admired Mao’s political tactics. But Glenn Beck cropped her comments to make it seem as though she admired Mao’s philosophy and he has harped on the connection ad nauseum. Bennett, who boasts about how much he likes to “get to the truth of things” and not "assume that the conservative line is always right," seems to have swallowed Beck’s BS hook, line and sinker.