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Fox&Friends Get Friendly With Homophobic and Bigoted Teabagger Mark Williams

Reported by Priscilla - November 13, 2009 -

Fox News does love its tea parties. It has given aid and comfort for this right wing Howard Beale movement since its inception – supportive coverage that was not given to the anti war movement during the Bush administration when those who didn’t support the president were considered librul traitors by the Fox illuminati who seem to have no problem with Obama as Hitler and health care reform as Dachau. Yesterday, Fox&Friends, in providing wrap up coverage for the crazy clown car (whoops, Tea Party Express) tour, interviewed right wing talk radio host and proud teabagger, Mark Williams. During the segment, Williams provided us with some homophobic “humor” and an anti-Islamic visual was shown. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson described the bus tour which brought in “tens of thousands” who were “protesting big government.” As Williams was speaking, the chyron reminded us that tea party was about Americans rallying “for smaller government.” Steve Doocy asked Williams about the political affiliation of those who attended the rallies. Williams, only a minute into the interview, said that all political groups were in attendance and “I would ask the Democrats in the crowd if the dancing queen Barney Frank really represented them and the Democrats would go nooo.” (According to the map of the long, strange trip, the “Express” didn’t go anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line so Barney Frank didn’t represent any of the teabaggers). As he spoke about how people feel that both parties have been “hijacked,” film footage of an “Express” rally was shown in which a young woman waved a banner which said “In Ten Years If I Don’t Wear A Veil, Am I’m Going To Be Stoned.” (Whoa, wait a minute! I thought the teabag movement was all about “protesting big government.”) The chyron under this example of American reason and tolerance was “Americans Rally For Smaller Gov’t, Taxes.” Williams talked about how this tour focused on small town America while video of white small town Americans was shown. He got in the perfunctory dig at those whom the right wing does not accept as “real” Americans when he added that the tour "focused on those areas excluded by the coasts...” (The map of the tour showed that the first leg was up the Pacific coast, so I’m confused) Ignoring the reality that the Republican wins in Virginia and New Jersey had a lot do to with the Democratic candidates being problematic, Williams claimed that these wins were brought about by the energy of the tea party movement.

Comment: Gotta love Mark Williams. He coined the term “Hildebeast” to refer to Hillary Clinton. He’s a birther. He claimed African Americans, who had been the victims of “the left’s experiment in training Americans to be passive” made them too stupid to leave New Orleans before Katrina – a comment which is arguably racist. I will give him credit for being more in control while on Fox&Friends than he was on CNN’s Anderson Cooper where he called President Obama an “Indonesian welfare thug and a racist.” I wonder how the right wing would react if somebody being interviewed on CNN or MSNBC referred to Republican Senator David Vitter as “the diaper guy” or Larry Craig as a water closet queen. Hmmm….But it was nice to see Mark and his fellow teabaggers trying to bring Americans together in peace and harmony. Ain’t it America, for you and me!