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Sean Hannity And Guests Baselessly Theorize That Muslims Are More Radical Than "People Are Willing To Say Publicly"

Reported by Ellen - November 12, 2009 -

During the “Great American Panel” segment of last night’s (11/11/09) Hannity, unrepentant bigot Sean Hannity made a blatant effort to promote Islamophobia by pushing his guests into baselessly saying they thought Muslims are more radical than people want to admit. There were no statistics cited, no evidence offered and Hannity had made no effort to research the issue. But all three panelists, each of whom is a Fox News contributor, responded that they thought so. With video.

Near the end of the first “Panel” segment, Hannity asked, “Here’s the question that I think very few people are willing to ask. What percentage of people of the Muslim faith, Islamic faith, are actually, buy into, the more radical views of… radical extremism?”

Father Jonathan Morris said, “Religious motivation is extremely powerful.” He noted that Christian martyrs have been willing to give their lives for the sake of their faith. Then he added that Imams “have a tremendous responsibility to make sure, that whether or not they’re preaching to go out and kill people or not… if you have people in your congregation who you know might not be perfectly balanced… there’s a percentage… of those who are gonna take what you say…” Gee, I wonder if he’d say the same things about Christian clergy.

Hannity interrupted. “Here’s my exit question. Is it a higher percentage than people are willing to say publicly?”

Since Hannity had made no apparent effort to research this and offered no facts or figures, it was obvious that he was asking the question to induce an answer in the affirmative. Each panelist complied.

“Quick answer,” he prodded.

“Probably,” Nina Easton theorized.

“Yeah, I think it is,” Stephen Hayes said.

“You’d better believe it,” Morris answered.