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Here We Go! Fox News Blaming Obama For “Terror Attack” At Fort Hood

Reported by Ellen - November 10, 2009 -

The investigation into the Fort Hood shootings has just begun but the folks at Fox News have already concluded ahead of the investigators that it was a terrorist attack and President Obama is to blame. Mark my words, here comes the meme: President Bush kept us safe, President Obama allowed a terror attack to occur. And they'll probably wrap it all up in an anti-Muslim package. You can certainly see the drumbeat beginning.

Sean Hannity raised the point several times on Monday night’s (11/9/09) Hannity. First, he asked Dick Morris (at about the 1:46 mark in the video below), “There are reports now, for some period of our time, that our government knew that (alleged shooter Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan) was trying to contact Al Qaeda. The question then is, why wouldn’t they have removed him from this position?” Notice Hannity’s use of the word “government,” instead of “military.” He was already laying his assault plan.

Morris answered, “We’re going to see that it’s because we’ve tied the hands of the intelligence community, that they’re so worried about stripping somebody of his civil rights, or being accused of falsely accusing somebody and being racially insensitive...”

Hannity deliberately moved to focus Morris against Obama. “So you’re saying political correctness could have kept colleagues and our own government (my emphasis) from stopping somebody that they knew was dangerous…”

Morris took the bait. “Precisely. And I also think that the hoops that Obama has been jumping through to avoid you calling this terrorism…. It makes it the first domestic attack on American soil since 9/11.”

Hannity, feigning frustration but obviously satisfied, asked, “Why won’t anybody say what you just said and I’ve said?”

Morris really got with the program now. “This is the first attack since 9/11 and it’s the consequence of the unilateral disarmament that Barack Obama has brought to the intelligence community… He’s done everything he can to put out (Hasan’s) psychological history, his grumbling… all that so he doesn’t have to answer for a terrorist attack.”

Hannity repeated the maneuver during the “Great American Panel” segment when he accused, “There is a chance our government knew all about this guy Hasan because nobody wanted to be called an ‘Islamophobe.’… Our government apparently knew and did nothing… What does that say about our government and Barack Obama?”

Similarly, as Michelle Malkin frothed at the mouth over political correctness being to blame for the shootings, Eric Bolling, substituting for Glenn Beck, did not challenge any of her assertions, did not even suggest that they might be premature given that the investigation is still so incomplete. In fact, he stated that with 13 people dead, that meant terrorism to him. Bolling later made a deliberate effort to make sure Malkin included Obama in her rant. Bolling said, “The President, the day it happened last Thursday… some people are upset with him… Is he doing enough?” Sure enough, Malkin took the hint and wasted no time launching a slew of self-righteousness superciliousness, combined with anti-Muslim hostility, aimed at Obama for his “Pre-9/11 attitude of putting diversity uber alles.” Bolling sounded very pleased as he closed the interview.

Foxnews.com and Fox Nation headlines repeat these themes:

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The "cover up" story was also featured on Special Report (video below).