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Healthcare Reform Bill Passes House – and Fox Nation Erupts With Violent Rhetoric

Reported by Julie - November 8, 2009 -

Under a headline, “The House Passes Government-Run Healthcare,” Fox Nation readers seem to be chasing their own tails in frustration – and have completely left the realm of sanity and entered the dark, eerie, evil David-Koresh-type world.

But a couple of the saner readers also commented . . . Euroboy, want to kick this off?

The rest of the comments weren’t quite so amusing, begging the question: Where the hell are the Fox Nation moderators?



What mark, the mark of the Devil?

And David Koresh has nothing on these crazies:

Ooh, quite a threat -- considering how successful the Teabaggers' movement was.

Somebody didn't read the roll call . . .

The courageous action on the part of Louisiana Representative Joseph Cao will not go unpunished by the right-wingnuts. I commend him, congratulate him, and have to say -- he is so screwed.