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Fox News’ Infomercial For Tea Party Express II

Reported by Ellen - October 30, 2009 -

Notveryhow’s recent observations notwithstanding, On The Record was such a blatant promoter of Tea Party Express II last night (10/29/09) they ought to have been paid for their efforts. In one of two fawning segments, substitute host Jamie Colby interviewed Deborah Johns, vice chair of the Tea Party Express. But the “we report, you decide” network forgot to tell its viewers about Johns’ long history of right-wing astroturfing. With video.

Colby opened the segment with footage of happy people dancing and clapping to music at tea party stops earlier in the day. She chirped, “38 cities in just 19 days! …Joining us live, as if you were there, Deborah Johns, vice chair of the Tea Party Express.”

Colby said to Johns, “The turnout has been impressive. Tell me what you’re hearing from the people who turn out, many of whom have never been politically active.”

Johns launched into a diatribe against Nancy Pelosi, “government-run health care,” “stop the taxes,” etc. Johns continued, “Barbara Boxer is gonna be bounced, we’re gonna pop Nancy Pelosi’s bubble, and we’re gonna dump Harry Reid.” Wait a minute. Aren’t the tea parties supposed to be non-partisan? Colby didn’t seem to notice that Johns’ rhetoric was entirely anti-Democratic.

A banner on the screen read, “Portland, OR & Tacoma, WA next two stops on Tea Party Express.”