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Another Culture War Defeat For Fox News?

Reported by Priscilla - October 24, 2009 -

Despite the prayers and entreaties of good, conservative Christians and the Fox “opinion” pieces in which the host’s opinion dovetailed that of their good, conservative Christian audience and good conservative guest(s), Rifqa Bary is being returned, per court order, to her home state of Ohio. Bary is the Muslim American young woman whose conversion to Christianity was, allegedly, met with a death threat from her father. As such, she amscrayed down to Florida where she briefly lived with some evangelical Christians whom she met on the internet. When the state took custody of her, her case became quite the cause celebre (Jihad?) in the conservative Christian community who hooked her up with a Florida “family values” lawyer and proceeded to smear her family and the members of her father’s mosque of being wild eyed radicals who represented a grave threat to this girl. The court said not so much and has now ordered her back to Ohio where she will live with a foster family. So despite Frank Gaffney’s belief that this case is an example of creeping Sharia and good Christian Gretchen Carlson’s question of “how this could be happening in America,” Rifqa Bary is back in Ohio after the court found that her allegations of possible violence had no credibility. Oh well, as long as there are persecuted Christians (and they are legion) they’ll have sanctuary at Fox News!