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Fox&Friends Promote Cause Of Persecuted UNH Student Patriot

Reported by Priscilla - October 16, 2009 -

In a refreshing change of pace, today’s Fox&Friends provided a friendly and supportive venue for no, not a persecuted Christian – but a persecuted patriot. A student from the University of New Hampshire was told that he couldn’t hang a US flag outside his dorm window and Fox&Friends is there to help him wave that flag. One imagines that the administration of UNH is getting hate mail as we speak. God bless America and Fox&Friends! And not only is this injustice being publicized; but, as with the student selling Tea Party Tee Shirts, the Fox audience can “help out.”

Brain (whoops, Brian) Kilmeade interviewed Connor MacIver about this blatant affront to America’s values. Kilmeade started the segment by explaining that poor Connor was just “showing his support for his dad who served in the army for 20 years by hanging a US flag outside his dorm room window. What’s the big deal? The school made him take it down. So should he be punished for his patriotic pride?” The chyron read “UNH bans flag in dormitory window. Kid: Flag reminds me of Army dad.” Connor was shown, outside his dorm, holding his flag. Kilmeade asked MacIver to discuss why he was so patriotic. MacIver responded that he grew up in a military family and blithered about all the Americans who are “fighting for our freedoms, our Constitution, and our rights.” Brian wanted to know why the school didn’t see things like “you see them, your dad sees them, and like many of our viewers sees them.” The chyron “Flag forbidden, student can’t hang Old Glory” was shown. MacIver responded that it was “matter of policy” and that UNH “is a great school…it’s all wrapped up in the policy…” Another chyron sure to stir the hearts of “real Americans” and get that hate mail going was UNH Dorm Window Flag Ban: No stars and stripes for student.” He added that the school “had been great” in understanding him and his reasons for flying the flag. Seeming to undercut Fox’s meme, MacIver said that “it’s not so much an issue of patriotism; it’s an issue of policy.” A quote from the UNH policy manual was shown in which was stated that any and all objects, outside dorm windows, need to be taken down. Kilmeade asked MacIver if it was correct that the school policy can’t be changed until the spring.” When Connor agreed, Kilmeade asked him how, then, could he get public momentum behind him. In an extraordinary example of how Fox partisan and propaganda message is more important than the truth, the chyron stated “Punished for Patriotism, MacIver told to take US flag down.” (D’uuuhhhh – MacIver said that it was policy and that’s what it was – as shown by the policy quote.) MacIver referenced how one school official compared the policy to a lease which can’t be changed mid term and said that while that was a good point, he really wasn’t totally in agreement with it. Kilmeade would have none of that and said that “it sounds like “lawyerese” and something that could be changed easily.And that segued right into the heart of the matter. Kilmeade, in closing, said that “if you want to support Connor and show the University of New Hampshire that they should change their policy before the spring email the Friends at Fox News.” He promised Connor that he would provide him with the e-mail “if the public sentiment is behind you and I believe it is.” He thanked Connor for showing his patriotism by “grabbing that flag, your dad must be proud.”

Comment: I guess that because Fox&Friends is “an opinion show,” they’re not under any obligation to be “fair and balanced” as there was no real attempt to present the school’s side other than to show a piece of policy. Did they make an attempt to interview somebody from the school? Who knows! If they bothered to do a little research they might have discovered that the Universities of Connecticut, Vermont, and Massachusetts have similar policies which, in UNH’s case, was “crafted in a way to remove ambiguity and to ensure a certain appearance and students' safety after MacIver's predecessors ran wires to their rooms from the roof in pursuit of better television reception.” I’m sure that Foxies would be shocked to learn that the US Naval Academy prohibits the Flag from being displayed outside dorm rooms because of “rules governing the flag's display to ensure it conforms with military standards and decorum and is not displayed in an area of a midshipman's room where nothing is allowed to be displayed.” It also seems that some, on the UNH campus, thought Colin’s display was inappropriate. (Protocol for flag displays found here.) But why get into the nuances of this case if it doesn’t fit the propaganda! I do feel sorry for the reams of e-mail that the taxpayer funded employees of UNH will be needing to sift through now that Fox has made it a cause celebre. And other than taxpayers of New Hampshire, alumni, and students, is it really the business of the Fox&Friends audience. One thing is for sure – If conservative kids have a cause, they need look no further than Fox News in order to promote it!