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Cavuto Asks If This “Is Now The Bush Recovery”

Reported by Guest Blogger - October 15, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Brian

The opening segment of yesterday’s Your World (10/15/09) focused on the Dow reaching 10,000. Neil Cavuto asked, "What was once the Bush recession is now the Bush recovery? Or is it a bit of a stretch? Jim Lacamp says give credit where it's due." Not surprisingly, he thought credit was due to George W. Bush. With video.

Jim Lacamp, a financial advisor, said, "It defies logic that you can blame Bush for the banking problems, the banking system, and criticize the bailouts, and not give him a little bit of credit right now… Between TARP and his appointment of Ben Bernancke, and he has dropped interest rates to zero which has really helped these banks heal, he has helped on the recovery side of the banks."

Cavuto said, "You're either a goat and only stay that way or suddenly become a llama."

Comment: I'm not surprised that Cavuto and LaCamp would salute a President who hasn't been in office for nine months instead of crediting the current President's stimulus bill. If Obama was a Republican, Cavuto and LaCamp would trumpet the Obama Recovery.