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Fox News Wastes No Time Disparaging Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

Reported by Ellen - October 9, 2009 -

Like most other Americans, I woke up to the news that President Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize. Not so typically, I suspect, my first thought was to find out how Fox News was covering it. Surprise, surprise, surprise! They're doing their best to downplay the honor and/or outright demean it. I have yet to hear a word of congratulations or good cheer.

On Foxnews.com, the headline at the top of the page says, "Obama admits he's not sure he's done enough to merit the Nobel Peace Prize."

As the videos from Media Matters show below, Brian Kilmeade wondered aloud if Obama delayed troop increases to Afghanistan in order to boost his chances of winning. Alisyn Camerota did not bother to hide the disdain in her voice as she reported that the Nobel Peace Prize committee was "impressed by (Obama's) outreach to the Muslim world." To reinforce the notion in their viewers' minds, a banner on the screen read, "Awarded for reaching out to Muslims."

And for more than an hour, I've been watching Happening Now and Live Desk where the coverage has been almost exclusively on the "breaking news" of a car chase in Dallas. A fleeing terrorist? Nope. As far as we know, the driver purchased gas without paying for it. Before the car chase, there was a suspicious package in California. So far, I've seen nothing about the President's Nobel Peace Prize. The choices speak volumes about Fox News priorities.

(H/T Chris H) for the Fox & Friends screen grab below)