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While Hannity Continues To Smear Kevin Jennings, Reality Based Community Praises Him

Reported by Priscilla - October 6, 2009 -

As we've been recently reporting, Fox News (and Fox Nation) have pulled out all the stops in their relentless and homophobic attack on Obama's "Safe School Czar," Kevin Jennings. But as Fox has been smearing, those in America's educational community (godless libruls all) have issued statements in support of Mr. Jennings. The National Association of School Psychologists - Jennings is a "champion in the Departement of Education." Learning First Alliance - "Kevin Jennings is the right person to lead the Education Department's Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools." National Education Association - Jennings is "highly qualified" and that his "proven track record of success speaks for itself." Gerald Tirozzi of the National Association of School Principals on CNN (will he appear on Fox?) - "a powerful voice to continualy help us not to back away from doing the right things for kids in our schools." One hopes that Fox News, being "fair and balanced," will mention this homage!

And using the "logic" of all those who attack Obama's appointees based on past statements and writings (distorted by Fox), it is clear that nobody with even half a brain should vote for Virginia Republican Candidate for Governor, Bob McDonnell given that McDonell's past views (in his thesis and voting record) about women and gays were- uh -truly twisted.

Video of CNN debunking Fox's smears of Jennings below the fold