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Activist Bill O’Reilly Encourages Protests Outside MO Judge’s House

Reported by Priscilla - October 3, 2009 -

Now that Dr. Tiller is dead, Bill O’Reilly needs a new target. The latest person to be shown the wrath of Bill is another judge whose ruling, on a child abuse case, has outraged America’s Daddy. One would think that Bill, being a good conservative, would let individual states deal with judicial issues. But because Bill is our big daddy, or is it pope, or is it God, he feels it is his duty to right the wrongs across the land. His new target, Missouri Judge John Torrence, sentenced a child molester, who had served 14 months in prison during the court proceedings, to probation. Wednesday night, on the Factor, Bill interviewed the founder of Mother’s Outraged At Molesters, a non profit child advocacy group. So far, so good. But when Bill encouraged this woman to have her group engage in the same kind of mayhem and violations of privacy that his pals in Operation Rescue engage in, it got really interesting – especially given Bill’s reaction to this type of activity when it was done to him.

Not surprisingly, Bill has sent his bat boy (there’s another term; but this being a family blog ;)…) stalker/producer Jesse T Watters to stalk the judge who, hopefully, isn’t getting death threats from O’Reilly’s “pro-life” groupies. Watters, who was not happy about being stalked by Gawker and by Mike Corley at the Values Voters creep show got into Torrence’s face and Torrance refused to speak with him. This provided the backdrop for Bill’s interview of Cyrilla Bender of the aforementioned child advocacy group. Bill began by saying that the perpetrator was back on the street without noting the jail time served. To Bender’s comment regarding the unfairness of the verdict, Bill, pompously, opined that this was a ridiculous sentence which the judge hasn’t explained. (Right, the judge owes Bill O’Reilly an explanation!) Bill, who doesn’t understand Missouri sentencing guidelines continued: “he feels he’s entitled to put a dangerous man…you can walk around free…” Bill didn’t note that if this man violated his probation he goes back to jail. Bill, not a lawyer, accused the judge of “getting around” the issue because the crime did not fit the parameters of Jessica’s Law. He asked Bender what her group “was going to do” and said that “you should go after this judge, the folks are going to have to rise up and get these guys.” When Bender said that most of the judges in her country are good, Big Daddy Bill, doing his best paternalistic “wag of the finger,” said that “the ones that are bad, like this guy, we have to deal with them and I’m counting on you…to put some serious heat on this guy.” As he said this, some of the Watters stalking video was shown. He added “are you gonna do it.” Bender, a quiet spoken and composed woman, seemed to be a little uncomfortable and she wasn’t really buying into Bill’s exhortation. She replied that they’re going to look into it and see how much time he has left to serve before his election while trying to find out why he did this. Bill, pompously, said “if you can find out why he did this, I’d like to know." He claimed that the judge “knew we were after him” and in a moment of sheer irony described the judge as “arrogant.” (Oh, pot meet kettle!) Bill continued to lecture Bender and advised her and her group to “make this a big deal. You gotta mobilize, demand that the guy answer you questions, if you have to stand outside his house and his office. You gotta do it. All I can do is expose him once or twice" (not 29 times like you did to Dr. Tiller) “I can’t do what you can do, so I hope you will.” Bender said that they would be checking into it. Bill instructed her “when you decide what your game plan is, call us and tell us what it is and we will come out and help you do it.”

Comment: More than an interview of Bender, this segment provided Bill with a bully pulpit with which to smear the judge and in so doing act like a righteous champion of victims. While it is important for victim’s groups to mobilize, it’s also important that they do it within the parameters of whatever system they are working in do so in a constructive manner. The last thing they need is Bill O’Reilly and his confrontational publicity whoring. If Bill has any real cajones, he should invite somebody from the Missouri Attorney General’s office or a local lawyer familiar with Missouri case law. As stated in the local newspaper, “Judge Torrence is by all accounts a fine judge with a good record. A former public defender himself, we are sure he tries to do the right thing with his sentences. Elwood did spend 14 months in jail while court proceedings lingered, and that was likely taken into consideration.The real problem here is not the judge, but our laws. State legislators talk a good game about getting tough on crime, but allow these ridiculously low punishment options to stand on the books. The judge ruled within the guidelines allowed under state law, which gives discretion ranging from probation up to tougher prison sentences.” But what was really amazing is that Bill encouraged this group to stand outside the judge’s house. When Mike Stark stood outside Bill O’Reilly house, Bill tried to get Stark kicked out of law school.” As I stated earlier, now that Tiller is dead who will be next on O’Reilly’s hit list?