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Misleading Fox Nation Headline Regarding Al Franken Win And ACORN

Reported by Priscilla - September 28, 2009 -

I know that Mitt Romney is a fan of Fox Nation. But I do wonder what he would say if he knew about the type of slanderous headlines that are given to articles which don’t support the headline – kinda like if there was a headline that said “Mitt Romney Defends Sister Wives” with an article in which Romney said he liked “Big Love.” Anyway, today’s Fox Nation has this: “New Questions About ACORN’s Role In Franken’s Victory.” The linked article, by conservative Katherine Kersten, was an excoriation of ACORN. But while she did report that ACORN and Senator Al Franken praised each other, she clearly added: “I'm not suggesting that Franken had any association with the folks behind ACORN's recent scandal. Indeed, when the Senate voted to defund ACORN, he got religion and joined the pack.” She even stated that "here in Minnesota, where the organization has so far been able to keep its nose relatively clean..." So nothing to see here, move on. But that doesn’t stop the uber partisan Fox Nation from attempting to taint Al Franken’s court approved victory. Does Fox Nation know that Senator John McCain, in 2006, said that the people of ACORN "are what makes America special." Does that mean that there are questions surrounding his run for the presidency. Hmmmm??? It’s a complex world but you wouldn’t know it by reading Fox Nation which has all you need to know in their headlines!