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Watch Out, America! Glenn Beck Is Snooping Into Your Rolodex For Evidence You Might Be Too Friendly With A Commie. He’s Also Distorting The Situation In Afghanistan To Suggest President Obama Is A Traitor

Reported by Ellen - September 25, 2009 -

Glenn Beck, that uber patriot so devoted to his country he’d cry for it, has some tough standards to pass his good citizenship test. It’s no longer enough to love your country and, unlike Beck, actually serve it in some way. No, now, even if you are president and, say, take too long making up your mind about a strategy in Afghanistan, even if it’s a war you inherited, and even if the top military commander there supports your actions, that’s grounds for questioning whose side you’re on. As for the rest of us, we’d all better make sure we don’t have anyone suspicious in our Rolodexes. Poor Bertha Lewis, head of ACORN, was found to have members of the Venezuela Embassy staff in hers. So you know what that means? Obama might not be on the side of America! With video, for those who can stomach it.

Beck began his show yesterday (9/24/09), repeatedly questioning whose side of the war in Afghanistan President Obama is on. The segment lasted about 15 minutes yet Beck was so busy showboating his McCarthyesque attacks that he never took much time to actually explain what is actually happening in the war, what its top commander, General Stanley McChrystal has said and not said, what President Obama has done in the past and why he has taken his current stance.

It’s true, as Beck said, that General Stanley McChrystal has warned of the danger of failure in Afghanistan if more troops are not sent. Beck was also correct when he said that Obama has hesitated to send more troops. But what Beck did not tell the “we report, you decide” network’s viewers is that a)McChrystal has made no formal request for more troops; b) Obama has already sent more than 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan since May; c)Obama has responded to McChrystal by saying he wants to assess civilian, diplomatic and development efforts and to consult with American officials and allies on the future course for the U.S. and c) McChrystal has backed the president, saying a policy debate is warranted. But to Beck, whose own service seems to consist of shedding tears for his country at dramatically convenient moments and accusing other people of being communists, Obama’s failure to commit additional blood and treasure at the drop of a hat is grounds for suggesting he’s anti-American.

“I don’t know about you but it seems to me like the president’s been a little busy lately to get to (McChrystal’s) report,” Beck said snidely. “He did have to sit down this weekend with ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Univision and David Letterman… Then this week, he, of course, had to pander to all the dictators who hate us at the U.N. …Then, of course, he had to blather on about the coming climate apocalypse at the climate change summit… So, Mr. President, you can’t decide whether to follow the advice of the general that you appointed to run the war? May I ask you, respectfully, Mr. President, why does it seem that everything else on your agenda has to be done immediately but when it comes to our troops - “ Beck mugged a “not so much” gesture. “President Obama had to race out and apologize to Europe and the Middle East right after taking office.”

Beck feigned mock tears over the supposedly dire consequences Obama warned of if health care reform wasn’t passed right away. If you ask me, it showed more about Beck’s ability to fake the tears than it showed anything about Obama’s agenda. Meanwhile, of course, Beck conveniently forgot the kind of financial crisis the country was in when Obama took office. But then again, Beck’s well-padded wallet was not only safe, it has grown fatter thanks to his hate-mongering schtick. So why should he bother with any fairness and balance?

“He has taken time to capitulate to Russia on Polish missile defense shield,” Beck continued, once again without bothering to explain Obama’s decision in his eagerness to smear him.

His voice rising melodramatically, Beck compared Obama to President Reagan’s treatment of the Soviets (conveniently forgetting the Cold War has since ended) and cried, “But President Obama caves in! While he’s holding all of the cards… Why would we do that?”

Then in answer, Beck continued, hamming it up, “Oh, by the way and in a totally unrelated story several massive corporations, some of which are part of his – you know – financial team there in the Oval Office announced right after the Russian fiasco that they would be meeting with Vladimir Putin about some lucrative new business opportunities in Russia. Wow. What a coincidence.” So what “lucrative new business opportunities” were taken advantage of and by whom and was there really a connection between that and Obama’s decision to revamp missile defense? Who needs facts and information when you can have Beck’s stagecraft?

Beck’s voice turned sincere, the same tone he used when he swore he had thrown a frog in boiling water. “It’s been nearly a month (since McChrystal’s report). We can’t commit to what our own general – Mr. President, your general – deems necessary in Afghanistan? Whose side are we on here? I’m trying to figure this one out.”

Beck leaned into the camera and spoke as though he were blinking away tears, “If we’re not going to fight this war to win it, Mr. President, please, bring our troops and our family members home!”

That was enough about Obama, it was time for some fancy oration about Beck’s views about war (he’s obviously such an authority) complete with teary homilies of his father and commands to “Find the honor!”

Beck transitioned to a self-serving anecdote about how he bravely soldiered on by holding pro-troop rallies “several years ago” in the face of ridicule. Somehow, somewhere, Beck met a Viet Nam veteran “back in the 80’s” who, supposedly, had been so screwed up by the dishonorable treatment he had received, Beck “made a decision at that time, if my country was ever, ever engaged in a war, I would do all I could. I promised that I would do everything in my power to avoid our troops – wherever it was – now in Afghanistan and Iraq – to make sure that the public reaction for our troops… didn’t happen this time! And that we would never abandon them! We would fight to win.”

Of course, what Beck meant was that other people would fight to win. Because despite his touching tale, Beck’s solidarity with the troops never extended to actual service. In fact, Beck, who would have been eligible for service in the 80’s, was smack dab in the middle of his drinking and drugging days then.

Beck’s voice cracked with emotion as he went on, “Tonight, I continue to fulfill that promise to myself.”

Yes, by impugning the patriotism of others while using the troops’ name for himself!

“Mr. President,” Beck began in that sincere voice (the one we’ve seen him use while lying), “we may disagree on an awful lot of things but I don’t think you want to have people killed… Please, I am begging you as a citizen… Fight to win this war or fire that commander and get one that agrees with you… or just bring them home now. It is immoral to do anything else.”

So having established (in his mind, anyway, perhaps) what a fair-minded, sensitive and honorable fellow he is, it was now time for the real smearing to begin.

Moving onto the CIA probe, Beck rhetorically asked President Obama, “Have you no shame? We won’t investigate rampant corruption at ACORN but we will investigate the CIA?...What has happened to our country? Whose side are we on anymore?”

Next stop, the race smear. “President Obama just held a mini-race summit at the White House after accusing a highly respected police officer of acting stupidly without even having all of the facts.” Kind of like you accused Obama of being a traitor without even having all of the facts about Afghanistan, eh?

“It begs the question, whose side are we on anymore?” Beck asked again. “We’re cozying up to our enemies while we’re pushing our allies away!”

Then it was time for the full-blown McCarthy treatment. “This week, we find out that the ACORN CEO, Bertha Lewis, has members of the Venezuelan Embassy staff in her Rolodex… Members of Congress came back from Cuba with open adoration for communist dictator Fidel Castro… (Hugo) Chavez suckin’ up to us today… saying… ‘Ah, we just love President Obama.’… Nancy Pelosi met with Syria’s Bashir Assad against the will of the sitting president at the time, George W. Bush… Whose side are we on?”

Apparently for Beck, the real proof of patriotism is being able to cry on camera.