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Fox Nation Pimpin' Hannah Giles Defense Fund

Reported by Priscilla - September 25, 2009 -

Lest there be any doubt about the raw, naked (but chaste) partisanship of Fox Nation, one should look no further than an item in the "Justice" section of the Fox Nation website. Under a photo of fantasy ho Hannah Giles is the seemingly innocuous subtitle "Hannah Giles Launches Legal Defense Fund." OK, so far so good. I was expecting to see a report, either from Fox or another site, about - well - Giles launching her defense fund. Imagine my suprise when I clicked the link and was taken directly to the home page for (drum roll, please) Ms. (or is she a traditional Miss) Giles' Defense Fund. There, on a web page of the Liberty Legal Institute was Hannah doing her sweetest come hither look with just a teensy tease of tanned cleavage. (No cross bling but maybe she's still "in character.") And there's a convenient link which you can click if you want to donate. Fox Nation taking care of one its own - as the "Church Lady" would say, "now, isn't that special!" And tax deductible too!!!

But wait - How can a good conservative be asking for handouts? I thought conservatives believed in taking responsibility for oneself! Oh well, I guess this is just another form of "solicitation" - a concept which Hannah seems well acquainted with!