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Hannity Tailored ACORN Coverage To Match Gotcha Video

Reported by Ellen - September 17, 2009 -

In an interesting interview on Democracy Now this morning, ACORN head Bertha Lewis said that in "dozens" of instances, the organization had thrown out the undercover "pimp and prostitute," Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe, who went around the country to various ACORN offices trying to induce ACORN workers to abet their "illegal" activities. However, not only has that perspective not been offered on Hannity during his nightly discussions attacking ACORN, Giles flatly told Sean Hannity, who seemed to have a clue otherwise, that no office she had visited had refused to help her. Neither Hannity nor Andrew Breitbart, the website host of the videos who has complained about media bias every time he has appeared on Hannity about this ACORN sting, advised the audience how many visits to ACORN were made vs. how many wound up on film and what was not captured on film. This comes on the heels of the revelation that Giles' previously aired effort presented a hoax on the part of an ACORN worker, who told Giles and O'Keefe she had murdered her husband (who's alive), as fact. Neither Hannity, Giles nor Breitbart gave their audience that information, either. Where's the fairness and balance from the "fair and balanced" network?

Speaking of Giles' and O'Keefe's undercover escapades, Lewis told Democracy Now: "We have 700 employees across the country. Five of them actually got duped by this. But dozens of offices that were visited, these people were thrown out, and in several offices, the police were called. So, we don’t see unedited tapes. We don’t see the whole story."

Even if Lewis is exaggerating, it has already been proven that she was correct about at least one office in Philadelphia. They released a copy of the police report to the media.

We'd expect that kind of bias from Giles who, after all, has twice admitted that she embarked on the project with an anti-ACORN agenda.

But that's no excuse to lie about her results. Giles is a journalism student at Florida International University, so it's bad enough that she has been duplicitous about her findings. It's even worse for the host of a news program, even if it is an "opinion" show, and a professional like Breitbart to aid and abet the lie. Why have Giles' and O'Keefe's total results been suppressed on what turned into a nightly attack on ACORN this week on Hannity? At the very least, Lewis' response should have been presented to the "we report, you decide" network's viewers.