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Fox News’ New Favorite Film Maker A Devotee Of Fox Target, “Radical” Saul Alinsky

Reported by Ellen - September 11, 2009 -

Anyone who watches Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity knows that one of their favorite accusations is that Barack Obama is from the “Saul Alinsky school” or has “internalized” the lessons of radical Saul Alinsky. Well, well, well, it turns out Fox News’ current favorite filmmaker, James O’Keefe, whose video about some ACORN employees in Baltimore was repeatedly touted on Fox News yesterday, is an admitted devotee himself.

In an April, 2009 profile, the Los Angeles Times reported that O’Keefe “found an unlikely source of inspiration: ‘Rules for Radicals,’ a handbook on grassroots organizing by Saul Alinsky, a legendary left-wing activist who was a major inspiration to President Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Among Alinsky's most famous admonitions is one that O'Keefe said he and Rose took to heart: ‘Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.’

“O'Keefe, 24, said he and (frequent video partner Lila Rose) have received criticism from some of their associates for using deception. ‘It's a pretty complicated ethical issue,’ he said, ‘but we believe there is a genocide and nobody cares, and you can use these tactics and it's justified.’”

As a matter of fact, O'Keefe's post about the ACORN video begins with a quote from Alinsky.

I’m sure neither Beck nor Hannity will give a fig that O’Keefe has “internalized” the lessons of Alinsky or that he comes from the "Alinsky school" of activism. But God forbid if a Democrat were to do it.