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Fox News Blatantly Urges Audience "All Aboard The Tea Party Express!"

Reported by Ellen - August 30, 2009 -

Fox News has once again shifted into blatant, anti-Democratic advocacy mode with its promotion of the "Tea Party Express." Despite their "we report, you decide" motto, I couldn't find any instance where the network told its viewers that the organizer of the Express is an anti-Obama, anti "Democrat-Congress" PAC, founded by Republicans, with a history of smearing Democrats. Regular readers probably remember how Fox News did its best to promote the Tax Day Tea Parties. Fox Nation's current top headline announces, "All Aboard The Tea Party Express!" More about the unfairness and imbalance after the jump.

Clicking through to Fox Nation's "All Aboard" article, one finds nothing but promotions for the Express, including the final sentence: To find out how to participate in the Tea Party Express events across the country, CLICK HERE.

As Media Matters noted, this is just one of many instances where Fox News publicized and/or promoted the Tea Party Express without revealing its Republican affiliation. There will undoubtedly be more.