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Unlike Fox News, Jon Stewart Is Fine With Barney Frank

Reported by Priscilla - August 20, 2009 -

The preponderance of opinion, on Fox News, regarding Massachusetts Congressional Representative Barney Frank, seems to be rather negative. They appear to think that the question about the Obama health care plan being akin to a Nazi euthanasia program, asked by a Lyndon LaRouche supporter, was just dandy and that Frank, a Jew, had no right to respond in the way he did. The Daily show had a totally different take. One suspects that Jon Stewart, a Jew, was as appalled at the question as Frank was. One also suspects that Jews and non Jews, who are constituents of Jewish members of congress and senators who support health care reform, are equally appalled by comments that suggest that Democrats and Obama are similar to Nazis. What was Frank supposed to say - "Thank you for asking that excellent question. No, what we are supporting is not a Nazi euthanasia program." Frank gave a WTF moment, the response that was needed. As Andy Ostoy, on the HuffPo, said: "It's about time someone stood up to these belligerent, ignorant freaks and simply told them to fuck off. He's the only politician so far who's refused to dignify this hate-filled, incendiary nonsense with a reply."

Enjoy a perspective that you might not see on Fox News - Angry, right wing "America's Newsroom."

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