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Club For Growth Promotes Hannity/Luntz Health Care Piece As Part Of Fund Raising Effort

Reported by Priscilla - August 20, 2009 -

I once sent an e-mail to the conservative "Club For Growth" in order to let them know that I thought that they were full of rightwing shit. As a result, I am now, like many loyal conservatives, on their mailing list. Usually I don't even read the stuff which is mainly about how America's "wealth makers" deserve even more tax breaks. Recently, they sent me something about their endorsement of conservative, Republican Pat Toomey in the 2010 Pennsylvania Senate race. As I'm not a fan of Pat Toomey, who wants to put doctors who perform abortions in jail, I hit the delete buttom really fast on that one! But the one I got today, from Chris Chocola, really piqued my curiosity: "Club TV Ad Effective." When I glanced down to the review screen and saw that "Fox News" was in the first sentence, I got curiouser and curiouser. I didn't hit the delete button; but read on. The content of the mail left little doubt about Fox News' political bunk mates!!! Let's go clubbing!


So then I hop on over to the "Club for Growth" website and found (quelle surprise!) this;


Less than six degrees of separation???