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Steve Doocy Defends Town Haller Who Compared Obama Health Care To Nazi Extermination Program?

Reported by Priscilla - August 19, 2009 -

Media Matters has a compilation of short clips from Fox&Friends regarding Massachusetts Member of Congress Barney Frank’s response to a woman who accused Frank, a Jew, of supporting a Nazi policy with regard to health care. The clips showed Frank asking this person what planet she lived on. Although the woman held up an Obama as Hitler sign, this was not shown on the video. But even worse, her comments were not referenced – only Frank’s response which Doocy felt was disrespectful. Doocy claimed that this woman, a member of a Lyndon LaRouche PAC, is just part of a group of “real people” with “real questions” and that rather than “real answers, the folks in Dartmouth got real attitude.” What viewers of Fox&Friends were getting, as shown on the video, was far from reality - but then this is Fox&Friends!

As this was a video montage, I can’t say for sure if Doocy, at some other point,did not mention the LaRouche connection, show the poster and play the woman’s comments about the “T-4” program, a Nazi program to eliminate the physically or mentally disabled (invoked by Glenn Beck with regard to how Obama health care reform could affect his daughter). By painting this woman as another victim of a librul attack, Doocy is supporting a lunatic fringe in the guise of claiming that these are “real people.” There was context which Doocy didn’t appear to either show or discuss. If Doocy didn’t mention her group (the information was immediately available), play her comment or show the Hitler poster, he was either negligent or clearly partisan. If he was trying to portray her as representative of “real” people, he was not engaging in “real journalism.”

Note – If there is any video of Doocy doing more exposition on this matter, let me know and I will amend the thread.

Ya got yer birthers, 9-12ers, Teabaggers, Town Hallers, and now La Rouchers – way to attract more folks to the GOP with more “real” lunacy!!!