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Bill O’Reilly Smears Naked Lady, Gays, And A Transsexual Mayor

Reported by Priscilla - August 17, 2009 -

Voyeur, Bill O’Reilly does seem to have an obsession with naked ladies be it Bar Rafaelli or the Naked Ladies in the Guitar Hero internet video. Last week’s “Culture Warrior” segment involved yet another naked lady – except in this case there was no video. Bill discussed a woman, in Oregon, who occasionally goes outside her house sans couture. The local cops don’t have a problem with it; but Bill does. Hmmmm… Methinks that he wouldn’t protesteth too much if one of his female neighbors were engaged in the same activity. In addition to the naked lady, Bill got to fulminate about a transsexual Oregon mayor and gays in San Francisco. So in the game of “Culture War,” Bill hit a triple.

Bill worked in the perfunctory “Oregon as secular-progressive” meme during his introduction of the topic of a woman “who wants to run around naked in public” and the cops don’t care. (But Bill does!). He played the video of an interview with this woman whose definition of “running around naked” seems to encompass walking around her property and going out to her mailbox ‘’au natural” – as Bill expressed it. When Bill joked about mosquitoes, Gretchen Carlson and Margaret Hoover (blonde duo who are part of the weekly conservative TV threesome) giggled. Bill asked what people on this person’s “block” thought without considering that she might live in a rural area. After saying that there is no Oregon law to prevent this, she disclosed that when she was a child, a man exposed himself to her on a bus and she has never forgotten it. She echoed Bill’s unfounded “block” comment when she voiced concern for local children who might see this: “you don’t know the damage that this is imposing on them.” Bill wanted to know “what you do with your kids if this woman is flouncing (??) around..” Despite this not seeming to be an issue in Oregon, Carlson said that this is “once again where they defer to one person’s claim instead of the majority of society that would disagree.” (So Gretchen would like to see local laws abolished in favor of what “the majority of society,” or Bill O’Reilly, wants?) Again – the locals don’t have a problem with this. Margaret Hoover said that there is a libertarian streak in western states which has resulted in a “huge degree of tolerance.” She added that the problem is that this tolerance “allows the absolute fringe of modern liberalism to flourish.” (Yeah, Maggie, this same tolerance that promotes nasty naked ladies also protects white supremacists who are far more dangerous.) She recommended that the folks in that neighborhood just have to “say no” and looby their local politicians about this threat to society. Bill wants the folks to go to the city council and demand an ordinance. (Hey Bill, it’s none of your business.)

While showing the video, Bill then spoke snarkily of a transgendered mayor in Oregon who wears short woman’s skirts. He then smeared the mayor by saying that he was censored for doing inappropriate things in front of kids.” (Stu Rasmussen was censored for wearing a mini skirt while speaking to a group of children – not “doing inappropriate things.”) Homophobic Bill then mentioned the San Franciso group (“the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” who took communion (according to Bill "broke up Mass"), in drag, at a Catholic church. (I left the RC church years ago; but I don’t recall that dressing in drag is an impediment to communion). Bill was concerned about the children “who see this stuff” (like “clustered gays,” Bill?) Bill played the video which was produced by a group which is upset about dissent, among Catholics, from the teachings of the Magesterium. (Could this be the Spanish Inquisition!) The group is also upset about the gay influence at Holy Redeemer Church in the Castro. Bill wanted to know if you discuss this stuff with children and asked if you “get angry.” Hoover said, again, that you lobby the politicians to change the law and “that it’s this tolerance that’s lead to these social progressives having taken control of the law.” (Oh, that pesky Texas “sodomy” decision) Good Christian Gretchen, added that we need to elect people who will bow to the will of the majority. (Uh, I think that’s what happened in Oregon). Bill wasn’t happy that nobody in the naked lady’s town is willing to fight this degeneracy. Hoover then mentioned that they “censored the mayor for dressing inappropriately.” Bill said that wasn’t the town where the naked lady lived.

Comment: According to Bill and the culture warriors, there is a wave of public nudity, transsexualism, and rowdy gays sweeping the nation. As if!!!! And regarding “social progressives having taken control”? – as if!!!! A transsexual, walking down the street in many areas of the red state Bible Belt, could end up dead. But as a forum for “America’s Daddy’s” twisted views, it was classic because it was an opportunity for the trademark “wag of the finger.” And ya got yer evil nudity, gays, and transsexuals – all targets for the neo Puritans who are fighting the “culture war.” (And it’s their business because…they have nothing better to think about!!!) It was also another threesome for Bill (no stranger to the prurient) who was able to talk about those who take a walk on the wild side. (“Hey Sugar”) All I know is that if Bill O’Reilly is driving by the naked lady’s house, she’s in real trouble!!!!

BTW, several weeks ago, when O’Reilly tried to mock the transsexual mayor, Megyn Kelly, very effectively, put him in his place with a sensitive and well thought out commentary about transsexualism. Kudos to Kelly for that one.