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Fox&Friends Reinforce Fox Spin and Propaganda Re Pelosi Op-Ed Comment

Reported by Priscilla - August 11, 2009 -

As I noted yesterday, the mighty Murdoch minions at Fox News launched into full battle mode with their attempt to spin Nancy Pelosi’s comment, regarding health care reform, that “drowning out opposing views is un-American.” Fox News, which doesn’t drown out but rather over talks or doesn’t include opposing views immediately followed up this very legitimate point (which was made by those on the right about anti-war protestors) by spinning the comment as Nancy Pelosi attacking innocent Americans who are just exercising their free speech. This morning, Brain (whoops, that darned dyxlesia) Kilmeade, on America’s favorite kid show, reinforced the meme by claiming that “Nancy Pelosi called average Americans who show up at town halls un-American.” (While showing the video of angry mobs). He didn’t read the comment which, of course, is different from the allegation which Kilmeade made. The segment progressed with more right wing talking points and as such, provides a classic primer on Fox propaganda methods which just serve to perpetuate misinformation about a very important issue.

H/T Media Matters

The theme was set by the mischaracterization of Pelosi’s comment about how she is attacking “average Americans.” That these groups represent a certain hard right (mostly white and older) fringe which includes birthers and anti abortion zealots would seem to indicate that these townhall teabaggers are anything but average. But the subtext was once again how poor, poor folks in the heartland are being attacked by that evil, librul woman from the land of coastal decadence. (“Real” Americans hate Nancy Pelosi). So now that yer blood is boilin here comes Act II which introduces a a second propaganda meme that reinforces the right wing/Fox anti Obama sentiment with Doocy and Kilmeade’s interview. Surprise, Surprise (actually, not) they spoke to Republican representative from Georgia Tom Price. Now I’m thinking he looks familiar and that’s because he was also interviewed yesterday, by Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly, during their propaganda piece about the Pelosi remark. Kilmeade started the interview by reading a quote from a recent memo sent from the White House Deputy Chief of Staff: “If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard.” The visual of the quote was headed “The Empire Strikes Back” which subtly reinforces the “czar” meme that the right wing is upset about. The third propaganda point was established with Kilmeade’s leading question “Is that playing into the violence that we’re seeing at these events.” This statement reinforces the new right wing/Fox talking point that before the health care reform supporters showed up at the meetings, everything was hunky-dory and that the “violence” (not specified by Kilmeade) is being caused by SEIU, ACORN, and other groups that include minorities. (and if you read Fox Nation, you’ll see that brown/black folks are not popular in “real” America.) Price was more than happy to accommodate the spin and added propaganda point number four “it’s also this kind of Chicago mentality that’s come to Washington now.” The Chicago comment reinforces right wing anti-Obama sentiment as it is meant to link Obama with the political machine in Chicago. He said that “what we should be doing is having an honest debate.” (Memo to Price: “Debate,” excuse me? What’s happening now is a scream fest.) Price added “instead we have this remarkable arrogance out of the White House and now Speaker Pelosi that if you don’t believe in what we believe in just get out of the way.” (Scuse me, Mr. Price, but your townhall screamers, in trying to “drown out opposition” are trying to effect just that.)

Comment: I found this article on the Fox Forum. It was also on the front page of the Fox Nation website last week: “Go Ahead and Report Me -- I'll Shout Louder.” The article was a paranoid screed about how the White House plan to combat disinformation is a way to “indimidate” and “silence” opponents of the Obama plan but check this out:

“So what should our response be? Greater demands for free speech...Louder volumes at town hall meetings...Bigger belligerence the tighter they squeeze...In short, when free speech is threatened, screeching screams of volition are the only thing preventing the mandated, manhandled, chokehold of silence.” But according to Fox, in more Orwellian “logic,” it’s the left wing who are the evildoers with the screamers being the “victims.”

Chyron – “Dems Attack Town Hall Protestors, Labeled Un-American For Speaking Up.” First, the attacking is being done by Fox News which is attacking those who are concerned that the discussion is being hijacked by those who are “drowing out” – not “speaking up.” There’s a difference.

Comment: As a lesson in Fox propaganda 101, this Fox&Friends segment was very instructive. As a “spot the right wing talking points” it was way too easy!