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Fox&Friends Promote The Obama Is Killing Grannie Rumor

Reported by Priscilla - August 11, 2009 -

There seems to be some sentiment, percolating among those for whom reason is an alien concept, that Obama’s health care reform will include euthanasia of the elderly. As we know, this is total bullshit; but that doesn’t stop Fox&Friends from reinforcing the craziness. But Fox News does love the fear factor and what better than the evile, librul, socialist, commie, African born Obama is going to off the old people type of rhetoric. Eager to promote the propaganda, Fox&Friends jumped on board, yesterday, about the “death panels.” Brian Kilmeade, in discussing an op-ed about health care reform, asked if “seniors will be put in front of a death panel…there’s provisions in there that seniors in the last lap of their life will be sitting there going to a panel” (Doocy says “sure”) " You just can’t make this stuff up – wait a minute, if you’re Fox News you can!

BTW, Do the kids know that pro-life Republican Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson is responsible for much of the language in the advanced care planning section of the Senate Health Care Reform Bill? Perhaps they should speak with him about "death panels."

Update - Think Progress has this: Sen. Johnny Isakson: Palin’s ‘Death Panel’ Talk Is ‘Nuts’ . Will Fox&Friends issue a correction? Will they continue to use "death panels?" Will they talk to Isakson? I'm thinking not bloody likely; but I could be wrong.

H/T Media Matters