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Fox Nation – Where “Townhall” Is Now A Verb!

Reported by Priscilla - August 6, 2009 -

That Fox News is neck deep in the Big Muddy of the newest phenomenon involving peasants with pitchforks is underscored by what is presented on Fox Nation. In this bizarro world, pride is being taken in the type of disruptions that marked Code Pink as librul traitors when they engaged in the same shenanigans. But in the brave, new world of right wing mob rule, those who didn’t want to give anti-Bush demonstrators the benefit of the First Amendment are now screaming about how they are the true patriots who are just exercising their free speech. And screaming is the operative word because that’s what it’s all about. It isn’t about two way adult communication; but rather,attacking the messenger because they don’t like the message. And now, this disruptive behavior has made it into Fox newspeak as a brand new word. What would Tucker Carlson say about this creative use of language by those who have an agenda!

Today, on Fox Nation there was an assortment of “town hall” related threads. There was the perfunctory whining thread about how town halls are being described by the evil, librul press as “mobs.” There was a thread about a “heated” town hall in Arkansas. But the best one was this – “Video: Another Congressman Gets Town Halled.” So “Town Hall” is a now a verb (in this case simple past tense, passive form). In the scenario which was described, the real world word would be one of these - “assaulted/assailed/attacked.” Only in the Orwellian World of Fox News “newspeak” is a noun, which indicates a building, changed into a verb. And just today I reported on Tucker Carlson’s snit about how liberals are trying to change language. I don’t know who coined the term “swiftboating;” but some of the same folks who were behind that outpouring of “real” American viciousness are now involved in “townhalling.” Somehow “townhalling” doesn’t have the panache of “truthiness” or the whimsy of “teabagging;” but one does wonder if it will make it to the next edition of Webster’s where it might be defined as the act of hurling verbal feces.