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Barack Obama Described As “Buckwheat” On Fox Nation Thread

Reported by Priscilla - July 24, 2009 -

One of today’s ledes is yet another example of Fox Nation’s misleading headlines – “Obama Defends ‘Stupid’ Cop Comment.” Fox Nation is using the word as an adjective. Obama used the word “stupidly,” as an adverb, to refer to the action taken by Cambridge Police when they arrested the well respected scholar, Harvard professor, Lewis Gates. Fox Nation has been doing a number of Gates threads and, not surprisingly, the comments range from ignorant to very biased. Many of the posters don’t even seem to know that Gates showed his identification. One poster said that Gates and his driver fit the description given by the caller – two black men with packpacks (???). Most of the “Nation” feel that Gates was being “uppity” and deserved what he got. There is a lot of talk about “reverse racism” with regard to the reaction of the black community. I haven’t seen commentary about racial profiling; but obviously Fox Nation is so enveloped in its biased whiteness that it cannot understand that racial profiling is real. One comment said that whites cooperate with cops more than blacks. (Can you imagine how a Fox Nation resident would react if questioned by a black officer!?) But the “buckwheat” comment speaks for itself. Remember when conservatives were upset about terms that liberals used for Bush ? But now, Fox Nation – a place for “mutual respect” – accepts not only insulting, but a racist term for our president. Why does Fox Nation hate America?