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Glenn Beck Yells, “I Am Sick And Tired Of Hearing People Tear This Country Down!” While Launching A Hatefest Against Obama Administration

Reported by Ellen - July 21, 2009 -

Glenn Beck was in a patriotic fervor at the beginning of his Fox News show yesterday (7/20/09), as he shouted during his “The One Thing” segment, “I am sick and tired of hearing people tear this country down!“ But within minutes, that super patriot who loves his country so much he’d cry for it was tearing down President Obama as “dangerous,” accusing him of wanting the country to fail, and “remaking America… into a place that’s a whole lot crappier.” With video.

Before his stirring statement of loyalty, Beck had been on a rant in which he mocked Obama by showing off an insulting bobble-headed dashboard doll of the President and emitting a hammy movie-villain’s laugh. “I’m afraid. You should be afraid, too,” Beck said. He later attacked Obama for “remaking America… into a place that’s a whole lot crappier, kind of a hybrid between France and Venezuela;” accused him of “taking the beacon of freedom and turning it into an aplogetic hey-what-can-you-do-for-me wannabe European spread-the-wealth socialist wonderland.” Beck also mocked Nancy Pelosi with a witch voice.

But Beck was not through laying his love on this country. Two segments later, in an unbalanced segment with guest John Bolton, Beck said about Hillary Clinton's trip to India, “The apology tour just continues. I can’t take it any more.”

Bolton didn’t wait until his first sentence was finished before launching his own attack on the Obama administration, saying, “They always blame America first.”

After Bolton predicted that Obama’s presidency is about to crumple, Beck said, “I tell you, this guy is dangerous,” Beck said, meaning Obama. “He’s never lost before. He won’t understand it… I mean this guy is practically an imperial president now.”

“America-loving” Bolton went on to allege, “Our commerce secretary is negotiating for the Chinese.”

Beck spoke up with his sincere-patriot voice. “I’m a guy who on Election Day said, ‘Look, he is my president now. I don’t agree with him… but he is my president, etc., etc.”

Maybe so. But before Obama had been sworn into office, Beck was attacking him by saying, “I do believe that Barack Obama is a socialist. He is -- he has Marxist tendencies. He may be a full-fledged Marxist. He has surrounded himself by Marxists his whole life.” And let's not forget that at the Tea Party Beck attended last spring, he praised secession-supporters as patriots.

But having declared his own America-supporting bona fides, Beck must have decided that gave him license to really smear Obama. “Rush said that he didn’t want (Obama’s) policies to succeed… I’m going to go a step further than Rush Limbaugh. I think Barack Obama doesn’t want America to succeed.”

No objection from “love America first” Bolton. He said, “I think what we should want is not for any individual to succeed or fail but we should want our country to succeed. And here’s where Obama, I think, is different from other presidents. I don’t think he’s anti-American. I think he’s post-American.” He added that Obama is “beyond all that patriotism stuff.”

“Yes! …Perfect! Perfect!” Beck agreed.

Compare the above statements to Hillary Clinton’s “apology” at the beginning of the segment, “We acknowledge now with President Obama that we have made mistakes in the United States and we, along with other developed countries, have contributed most significantly to the problem that we face with global climate change. We are hoping that a great country like India will not make the same mistakes.”

Who really hates America first?

There was no guest in any later segment to balance Bolton or Beck's views.