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Is “Birther” Thread On Fox Nation Deliberate Lie Or Unintentionally Inaccurate?

Reported by Priscilla - July 20, 2009 -

When US soldiers, fighting in Iraq, advocated withdrawal from Iraq, Rush Limbaugh accused them of being “phony soldiers.” Because decorated war veteran Democratic US Representative John Murtha criticized the way the Iraq war was being handled, the GOP right wing said that he was a traitor and Ann Coulter said he was a candidate for “fragging.” But now we have US Army Major Stephan Cook, who is trying to make a federal case that he does not have to obey Army orders to redeploy because Barack Obama is not a legitimate president because he was not born in the USA. In the bizarro and very hypocritical world of right wing politics, Cook is seen as a hero to all those patriotic Americans who just can’t accept that we have an African American Democrat in the White House. Hence, the “birther” movement which creates the kind of rhetoric that, if used against a Republican, would elicit cries of “treason!" So we shouldn’t be surprised that Fox Nation is fully on board with the “birthers” whose belief that Barack Obama is not a citizen has been debunked – something you won’t see on Fox Nation. But in the case of today's Fox Nation "birther" lede, what isn’t being presented is an updated report that seems to indicate that this Fox Nation headline and story is wrong. Will we see a correction?

Cook had the right to refuse to redeploy but that hasn’t stopped him from proceeding with a lawsuit claiming personal damages and demanding who knows what due to his pursuit of an issue based on the newest and hottest conspiracy making the rounds of the droolosphere. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is old school. Forget the “staged” moon landing. Move over 9-11 “Truthers” – the “birthers” are here to show that the first African American president of the USA is not qualified to be the president because he was born in Kenya (and "adopted" in Indonesia?!). It’s perfect for the rabidly right wing base (pretty much the totality) of today’s GOP as it challenges the political legitimacy of Barack Obama while bringing out all the racists from whatever rock they’ve been hiding under during the repressive years of Civil Rights. So, one isn’t surprised to see another “birther” thread (here, and here ) on Fox Nation – this one linked to an article about how Cook is trying to continue with his lawsuit which has been joined by two retired military personnel. Righties don’t like whiners and those who file “frivolous lawsuits;” but because it’s a “birther” involved, it’s all good. Now what do you think the full mooners would have said if Colin Powell joined a suit challenging the SCOTUS decision in 2000 which put George Bush in the presidency despite his having lost the popular vote. Funny, I don’t remember this type of visceral hatred among liberals, bordering on suggestion of armed insurrection, after Bush was inaugurated!

Fox Nation has another “birther” lede complete with the perfunctory photo of Barack Obama in scary Kenyan garb (Just like their lede last week) which provides lots of opportunity for more discussion of how Barack Obama just ain’t Merkun along with the requisite Obama hatred from those who just can’t deal with reality. That many of the posters actually think that it's OK for soliders to refuse to serve is ironic given that many of them also feel that those who resisted the Vietnman draft and who went to Canada were treasonous and un-American.

But interestingly, Fox Nation didn’t provide a link to this story, from the same source, which reports that they received an e-mail from retired Major General Carroll Childers (he of the Fox Nation headline) claiming that he didn’t join the lawsuit and requesting that the newspaper not continue to print the claim that he had joined the suit. Cook’s attorney, Orly Taitz, said “Probably it’s some kind of mistake,” Taitz said. “I don’t know what happened.” Will Fox Nation change its headline and link to the more recent article? Will they sacrifice propagandistic red meat for the Obama haters for journalistic accuracy? Stay tuned! Stay classy, Fox Nation! Love that "mutual respect."