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Fox Nation Cites Radical, Right Wing Source To Paint Obama Science Advisor As Radical!

Reported by Priscilla - July 13, 2009 -

Can we say irony?! Fox Nation, the place for “fair and balanced coverage of the news,” is doing a lede (“Czar Watch, Could Obama’s Science Czar Really Be This Radical?) on a topic that’s hot on right wing blogs and that is the smearing of President Obama’s Science Advisor, John Holdren. Perhaps disappointed that Obama wouldn’t select a rapture ready, global warming denying, 6,000 year old earther, the right wing is running with accusations that Holdren is a “globalist” who has “endorsed “surrender of sovereignty” to those evil, one world UN types who are lurking under your bed and just waiting to hand over the USA to the Prince of Darkness (no, not Bob Novak!). He’s also accused of other nasty, bad things including supporting eugenics. But what’s really worth a chuckle is the source of Fox Nation’s fear and loathing and that is the publication of red diaper baby and former left wing radical turned right wing shouter at clouds – David Horowitz. Yep, the source for this revelation is none other than Front Page Mag which, as was said in that classic Ed Wood flick, “Plan 9 from Outer Space,” – “that proves it.”

It is ironic that Front Page Mag would start off by citing Holdren’s supposedly radical lefty activities given the kind of stuff Horowitz was involved with. Holdren is now a distinguished professor of environmental policy (uh oh, that’s definitely commie/pinko heretical stuff) at the Kennedy School of Government. But that doesn’t stop Horowitz et al. from smearing Holdren as a (wait with baited breath) a neo Malthusian whose radical views of overpopulation would force women to have abortions. Holdren, who was past president for the American Association for the Advancement of Science (now that is definitely seditious!), believes in man made global warming, so one isn’t surprised that the right wing community is targeting him. There is some irony in that the crowd who love to see Muslims and libruls disappear, charge Holdren with supporting eugenics. But if Alex Jones “Prison Planet” and “Zombie Times” says it, it must be true! Holdren’s biggest sin was co-authoring a book (in the 70’s), with the Ehrlich’s, about a worst case scenario if countries didn’t take steps towards population control. Holdren’s CV is impressive; but that doesn’t stop Fox Nation and the black helicopter crowd from doing their usual frothing at the mouth. But if you want a view into the bizarro world of the Obama haters (and that’s “straight up” what it’s all about) check out, if you dare, the Front Page screed. And be so scared.

Fox Nation – blinded by science.