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Fox Nation Continues Its Attacks On “Stuart Smalley”

Reported by Priscilla - July 7, 2009 -

Al Franken is now the junior senator from the state of Minnesota; but Fox Nation, the website that touts “mutual respect,” is still smearing him and still using the name of a one time character that Franken played on Saturday Night Live. Senator Franken, a Harvard graduate, is still being referred to as “Stuart Smalley” in a seemingly juvenile attempt to denigrate him with the rabid Fox Nation citizens who hate Senator Franken and who certainly don’t show him any respect in their blog comments. Today, there are two articles; both of which are “straight up” smears of Minnesota’s newest senator. While both are negative; the first is really vile – but what else is new from the place which is promoted as a place for tolerant debate; but which in reality is a cesspool of rabid right wing hatred.

The first headline is “The Price Of Stuart Smalley” and links to a video which shows unfocused and manic shots of Franken while the subtitles note that with “60” votes, the power of the Democrats will be unchecked. (not always true – it depends on the issue and who is present in the Senate at a the time of the vote) According to the video, it’s the end of the world as we know it (wasteful spending and government take over of health care, yadda, yadda.) But then it took it up a notch with this “question” superimposed on a dimly lit shot of Al Franken – “negotiating with terrorists?” The video concludes with the statement that the National Republican Senatorial Committee is responsible for the ad. “Fair and Balanced” – don’t think so.

Note: The footage of Franken was taken at the Paul Wellstone Memorial by Wellstone's son. The NRSC has already used the footage for an earlier attack ad. Brian Walsh, spokesperson for the NRSC has no problem with the ad and says that they could have used worse photos.

The second headline is a “two-fer” in that it provides the requisite ACORN smear along with a Franken smear. “Did ACORN Elect Stuart Smalley?” links to a Newsmax (no bias there!) article which asks the same questions but can’t really say for sure. The title of the article is “Did ACORN Elect Al Franken?” “Fair and Balanced” – don’t think so.

So if you’re sick of “biased media,” come on over to the Fox Nation where “mutual respect” is lost in the sludge of lies, smears, and personal attacks on those deemed anathema in the place where hatred is a family value. One of the songs, sung today at the Michael Jackson funeral, had the words, “heal the world. Make it a better place.” Sadly, Fox Nation has no desire to do so!