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Is Fox Nation Fomenting More Racism In Asking If Jamie Foxx Is A Racist?

Reported by Priscilla - June 30, 2009 -

Fox Nation is a Fox News site which claims that it’s all about “mutual respect” has, of late, presented threads which are critical of blacks and bring out the racist “base” of Fox Nation – which appears to be a white, Christian, and very regressive state of mind. The black bashing threads on Fox Nation continue with a misrepresentation of statements of and attacks on two African American entertainers. And rather than place these stories (big only in Fox Nation) in the pop culture section – today’s is great, big, whopping lede. The American nation has moved beyond the racism of Jim Crow. Unfortunately, Fox Nation hasn’t!

Update - 7/1/09 - The Jamie Foxx post is no longer on the "front page" of the website. One of the posters, on another, thread asked (9:25AM) why they were not able to post comments on the back page thread. Hmmm....

Earlier this week, Fox Nation had this headline “Diddy and Foxx Bash Jackson Coverage ... and Play Race Card?” with accompanying video. I can’t find any “race card” in the videos; but then, I’m one of those liberal/commie/Marxist types so I guess I just don’t get it. But it did provide Fox Nation with an opportunity to say that blacks are racist so I guess it’s all good. Today’s lede headline goes after Jamie Foxx who seems to have drawn the wrath of Fox Nation after he “insulted” Miley Cyrus. (Never mind the fact that Janeane Garofalo, Rosie O’Donnell and a whole plethora of "commie lefties" get insulted on Fox News quite frequently!) The Miley Cyrus thing began in April when Jamie Foxx said “choice words” about Miley Cyrus and Fox Nation asked if he should apologize. Miley’s dad was upset about what Foxx had said about his daughter and that prompted another thread on Fox Nation which asks the question “Did Jamie Foxx Get Off Too Easily?” Naturally, Fox Nation agreed and asserted that Foxx’s contined presence on his radio show (which I suspect that Fox Nation doesn’t watch) was “reverse racism.” I guess Foxx apologized (the link doesn’t go to the story) because there was a subsequent post which asked if the apology was accepted and the good, white Christian folks in Fox Nation would have none of it. Foxx was accused of being a “misogynist, racist, and verbal pedophile.” Yet another thread, titled “Apology Accepted When You’re A Democrat,” was about how Jay Leno “set up” Foxx for an apology. The comments on this thread must have been over the line, even for Fox Nation, because there is the page with the discussion header and no comments.

So the stage has been set for today’s TOP story: “Jamie Foxx Racist? Called Miley Cyrus A White B**tch And Now BET Comments.” In an effort to keep racism alive, Fox Nation has the audio of Foxx “lashing out at tween dream” Miley Cyrus. I listened to the tape, which was the audio transcript of the radio show (not noted is that it was from April) in which snarky comments were made about Miley Cyrus, (nothing worse than anything Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Neal Boortz, Rush Limbaugh and all the other white media hate mongers have said) , and heard “white bitch” but it appeared to have come from somebody else on the set. The Fox Nation video was of Jamie Foxx making the comment, on the BET commeration of Michael Jackson, about how Jackson belonged to the African American community; but “we shared him with everybody else.” How the hell is this racist? Why is this a top story – if not to foment more racism. Connecting a comment about Michael Jackson with past comments about Miley Cyrus, in order to show Foxx as a racist, is not only defamatory – but totally bizarre. But that’s Fox Nation for ya! Granted, Foxx’s radio comments, which he apologized for, were crude – but in posting them on Fox Nation, the crudeness just continues – from the other side. But in the scheme of things, Jamie Foxx’s comments on Sirius Radio, shouldn’t warrant ongoing commentary so it begs the question of why Fox Nation is doing this. Rather than trying to encourage “mutual respect,” is Fox Nation just encouraging racist hatred? And if so, why does Fox Nation hate America?