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Fox News Minimizes Sanford Disappearance

Reported by Ellen - June 23, 2009 -

I watched about three hours of Fox Tuesday (6/23/09) and saw no major discussion of Gov. Mark Sanford's mysterious disappearance during which he was supposedly hiking the Appalachian Trail and/or writing without having left anyone in charge back in South Carolina. You'd think that the news network that loves a missing person story would have jumped at this one, but no. I guess he's not as important as Natalee Holloway. Not even FNC's missing person maven, Greta Van Susteren, gave it any significant coverage. And Foxnews.com played down his disappearance with the headline, buried in the middle of the home page, "Sanford's Walk in Woods Draws Fire From S.C. Capital." I'm sure the fact that Sanford was seen as a possible 2012 Republican candidate for president had nothing to do with the lack of attention. Screen grab after the jump. UPDATED: Sanford was in Argentina

Foxnews.com's article, leaves out the fact that conflicting explanations were given for Sanford's absence and the evasive responses of his staff. As AP reported,

(I)t took nine hours after reporters started asking questions for the governor's staff to say what the state's chief executive was doing. Sanford was expected back in his office Wednesday, but his aides stopped answering questions about his trip, including where he was on the 2,175-mile trail, whether he was with security and if anyone else could confirm his whereabouts.

Foxnews.com states that Sanford will be returning to work Wednesday without mentioning that he cut the mysterious trip short after supposedly being "stunned" by the attention.

UPDATE 6/24/09: It now appears Sanford was in Argentina and Fox is covering this story in a bigger way now.