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Fox Nation Attacks Senator Barbara Boxer

Reported by Priscilla - June 18, 2009 -

Yesterday, Senator Barbara Boxer politely requested that Brigadier General Michael Walsh address her as “Senator” and not “Ma’Am.” Not surprisingly, this was a thread on Fox Nation where “mutual respect” is always encouraged – not! I’m thinking that the writers at Fox Nation are like those who are shopping for peppers when they’re making chili – which requires a decision on level of heat. The Fox Nation writers must take a look at news of the day and decide which ones will create the most heat on the palate of Fox Nation diners. Obviously anything or anyone connected with Democrats is on the Fox Nation menu; but Barbara Boxer, a liberal from California is made to order for Fox Nation gourmets whose hatred of liberals and California is hot, hot, hot!!! (might not be on a level with ACORN; but it’s up there) I’ve copied some of the comments which show the high level of "mutual respect" shown on Fox Nation. One of the comments conveniently provided Boxer’s Senate address for the hate mail and death threats. Oh, BTW, the US Senate passed a resolution, today, that apologized for slavery. I suspect that we won’t see that on Fox Nation because Fox Nation writers don’t want that kind of heat! But ya never know!!!!


And to the person who claimed that "liberal California senators don't support the troops" - why did Boxer request that the Senate Appropriations Committee include funding in the FY09 Supplemental Defense Appropriations Bill for the highly successful C-17 program?