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While Howling About Letterman And Palin, Hannity Ignores Comparison Of Michelle Obama To A Gorilla

Reported by Ellen - June 17, 2009 -

Sean Hannity has been up in arms for days over David Letterman's "vicious, vicious" joke about Sarah Palin's daughter, claiming that a similar attack on Michelle Obama by any conservative would bring ruination. Yet race-conscious (over the rights of white people) Hannity has to date spent no time on the far more vicious and racially tinged "joke" by Republican activist Rusty DePass which likened Michelle Obama to a gorilla and then blamed her for it. With video.

In a discussion with Jeri Thompson, Hannity complained that it took Letterman “an entire week” to apologize and, Hannity grumbled, “He never apologized for the slutty, flight attendant look comment.”

Thompson, who seems unable to get through a single interview without attacking someone, usually a liberal, started complaining that Letterman is bitter.

The two sensitive souls (when they’re on the receiving end) decided that Jay Leno, unlike Letterman, is not mean spirited. Except that, as Alan Colmes, noted, Jay Leno told a similar joke about Palin’s pregnant daughter last September and nobody noticed, much less spent a zillion television news segments attacking him over it. And maybe I missed something but I have yet to see an entire segment with a sole liberal guest over this "issue" whereas this was at least the second time conservative Hannity went one-on-one with another conservative.

In sync with the conservative viewpoint, a banner on the screen read, “Controversy over Letterman’s joke about Gov Palin’s daughter grows.” It seems to me like it’s over and been milked to death by the friends of Palin who I’ll bet you will run away from her candidacy after this big show of solidarity is over.

As always with poor, mistreated, multimillionaire Hannity, it was a matter of unfairness to conservatives. “Could you imagine any conservative - pick any conservative that you want - even you or your husband, or me or Rush or Levin or anybody - and that we made a similar comment... and let’s say we’re talking about Hillary or Michelle Obama - pick any female Democratic politician. What would the reaction be?”

“Would never happen,” Thompson said. “Could never happen. Would never happen.” Then for an extra measure of hostility, she compared ABC to Pravda, “sort of like in Russia, back in the days of the Politburo and the Czars” because ABC is doing a special from the White House about health care. As Colmes pointed out on his blog, Thompson and other conservatives don’t know what’s on the show but they’ve already decided that it’s going to be pro-Obama. Meanwhile, I never heard her complain about any of the fawning Fox News coverage of Sarah Palin, for example. Talk about Pravda!

“The double standard, it’s so apparent that it’s almost not worth talking about any more,” Thompson said. But she did.

“But we are winning in this and this is why it’s so exciting,” Thompson claimed. “The lesson we can take from this, Sean, is that if we fight, if we protest, we can actually do something here.” So what did they win? An apology from Letterman? It certainly has not helped the Republican Party. According to Gallup, Fifty-three percent of Americans today have a favorable opinion of the Democratic Party, compared to just 34% who have a favorable opinion of the Republican Party. The statistic is little changed from last November.

Then, perhaps worried that she had let at least 10 seconds go by before complaining about liberals, Thompson groused about having been called a “trophy wife” last year when her husband had been running for president. She went on to gripe that “they” tried to open the sealed adoption records of Justice John Roberts. She apparently meant the New York Times (though she insinuated it was a group of liberals or Democrats). She didn’t seem to know that Fox News reported that the Times said it had made “initial inquiries” only. And it must have been temporary amnesia that allowed her and Hannity to forget the kinds of attacks made on Hillary Clinton with abandon by right wingers such as Rush Limbaugh repeatedly suggesting that she had Vince Foster murdered, e.g. I don't know about you but I'd much rather be called slutty than a murderer.

“It’s not just women that they do this to, it’s conservatives!” Thompson declared. I guess that makes Hillary a conservative, eh?

“Why is it fair game to only go after conservative women?” Hannity asked.

“It’s playground politics,” Thompson said smugly, obviously pleased with her own insightfulness. “Remember the popular girl that everyone sort of liked to take a swipe at? ... It’s Carrie Prejean, it’s Sarah Palin, it’s all the above.” Except that Palin is not really so popular - except compared to the rest of the Republicans. Michelle Obama, on the other hand, is very popular.