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Glenn Beck's Love Of Country On Display: Comparing The USA To Iran While Claiming MLK And Gandhi As Role Models

Reported by Ellen - June 16, 2009 -

Glenn Beck, the uber-patriot who breaks down in hammy tears for the camera just thinking about how much he loves his country, nonetheless compared the United States to Iran during an online chat with the Washington Post Monday (6/15/09). And after he was done with that inflammatory comparison, Beck claimed Martin Luther King and Gandhi as role models.

As Think Progress noted, The Post asked if Beck really believed the US is facing destruction. Beck replied:

"Yeah, I said on Sept. 11 that we should fear no outside force, the only (sic) that would destroy America is us, from the inside. I look at what's happening in Iran, and they are arquing on who is going to be a better leader in their theocracy. Both candidates were picked buy the mullahs, neither candidate can do anything without the mullahs telling them it's okay.

I think we're in the same situation here. Bill Mahr (sic) said this weekend that Barack Obama was George Bush Lite. What are we fighting over? What is the difference between these two parties? There are reasons to speak out, but tearing ourselves apart over these scraps of freedom is odd. We've stopped melting together. Our strength was that we were a melting pot."

Heckuva way to show your love for country, Beck. I'm sure it's just a sad coincidence that you're using such fomenting language at the same time you're trying to sell a book.

Beck went on to make the laughably hypocritical statement, "I think we need to model ourselves after Martin Luther King and Gandhi, and that's the way to retain credibility and have lasting change."

Something tells me King would never have pulled the kind of hate-mongering stunts Beck has, such as asking the country's first Muslim congressman to prove that he's not working with our enemies. It's also hard to imagine Gandhi fear-mongering the way Beck did with his apocalyptic "worst case scenarios" show.