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Fox Financial Guest Explains Stock Recommendation: “Pelosi Needs Shot Of Truth Serum”

Reported by Ellen - May 17, 2009 -

As anyone who watches even five minutes of Fox News' Saturday's “business” block, the real business of the shows is always an anti-Democratic, pro-Republican message. But the predictions segment at the end of each show are usually strictly business. Maybe that's why they're so brief. But on yesterday's (5/16/09) Bulls & Bears, the first recommendation was Abbott Labs which guest Tobin Smith explained thusly: “Someobdy needs some truth serum in this girl (Nancy Pelosi). Abbott Labs happens to make the sodium pentothol." Smith added, in a more businesslike note, that the stock is up 30%. But in concert with him, a banner on the screen rad, “Pelosi needs shot of truth serum! ABT up 30% in 6 mos." With video.