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Glenn Beck Protests Too Much: I Am Not A Racist

Reported by Ellen - May 7, 2009 -

Glenn Beck threw a sanctimonious hissy fit yesterday (5/6/09) when a representative from ACORN had the nerve to suggest he is afraid of black people. Of course, Beck and Fox can demonize ACORN and minorities all day long, but my, how sensitive Beck's widdle feewings get when the tables are turned. In the clip below, Beck angrily brags to his audience (which he always self-importantly addresses as "America") that he threw out guest Scott Levenson of ACORN for saying, during the commercial break, that Beck is afraid of black people. Interestingly, Beck seems to have understood that as an accusation that he hates black people. But if it was really as ridiculous an accusation as Beck claimed, wouldn't he have just dismissed it without getting upset? And if it's so important that Beck wanted to address it, why not have the guy back and prove him wrong to "America?" Meanwhile, Beck's record of hostilities to ACORN and people of color is well documented. No amount of self-righteous posturing is going to erase it.

Below is the video of Beck's comments after his interview with Scott Levenson of ACORN. Underneath that, is Beck's hostile interview with Levenson in which he is repeatedly interrupted and talked over. It's worth noting that during this interview, "fair minded" Beck repeats the tired falsehood that ACORN received stimulus funds.

H/T reader Abby for the tip.