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Cashin' In Panel Suggests Obama Will Cause Rise Of Naziism

Reported by Ellen - April 28, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Brian

On Saturday's Cashin' In with Terry Keenan, Wayne Rogers, formerly of MASH, was discussing President Obama's $1.5 trillion in spending. Most of the panel agreed that the spending was bad, and would lead to runaway inflation, but Rogers said. "It (high inflation) happened in the Weimar Republic after World War I in Germany, and people don't realize that. That led to the rise of Hitler. That could happen here." With video.

Tracy Byrnes, of Fox Business, nodded her head in agreement!

Jonathan Bradshaw Layfield said, "Wayne's exactly right. This is more akin to the Weimar Republic than it is to Japan."

Comments: We've had economic crises before, and will in the future. To compare big spending and possible inflation to the rise of Hitler is disgraceful! Just because Hitler rose to power because of bad times doesn't mean we'll have the same here. We've had a two party system for a long time, Wayne, and probably will continue to do so.