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Glenn Beck's Conspiracy Theory About Gay Marriage: It's About “Attacking Churches” And Going “Into The Schools”

Reported by Ellen - April 13, 2009 -

Glenn Beck was able to keep a dry eye earlier today when he offered up a new-to-me conspiracy theory about gay marriage, that it's really about “going into churches and attacking churches... Then you also have to go into the schools.” His guest for the segment was Megyn “I love to hate people of color” Kelly. Kelly didn't buy Beck's theory. Instead, she took a gratuitous swipe at President Barack Obama, offering her own conspiracy theory, that he secretly supports gay marriage. Of course, she had no evidence to back that up, just her “feeling” that he leans further left than he wants to admit. With video.

In a discussion about the recent Iowa Supreme Court ruling that a ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, Beck said he agrees with Obama in that they both support civil unions for gays. But marriage is different, according to Beck. Lowering his head with dramatic intensity, he said, “I believe this case is actually about going into churches and going in and attacking churches and saying you can't teach anything else. When you say marriage – civil unions is different – when you say marriage must be defined as this, well then you also have to go into the schools.”

Megyn Kelly didn't buy it. “Do you think Iowa Supreme Court had some massive conspiracy to crack down on churches?” she asked with obvious skepticism.

No, said Beck. “There is a movement to dismantle...(Beck quoted Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer) “These traditional values are gone.”

Beck went on to claim that Obama has “my exact stance” on gay marriage (except, in all likelihood, Beck's theory about gay marriage being an “attack” on churches).

Kelly then moved in to gratuitously smear Obama. “That's his stated position, in any event.”

Beck asked, “Are you saying that the President of the United States is lying?”

In a word, yes, she was, though she didn't have any evidence beyond “her own feeling.” Kelly said, “My own feeling about Barack Obama, because he tends to lean left, farther left than I think he admits, is he probably supports gay marriage but you can't take that position and make it up to the presidency.”

And my own feeling about Megyn Kelly is that she went out of her way to pull this "theory" about Obama's support for gay marriage out of the air.