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Beck Makes Gay Jokes About Barney Frank

Reported by Ellen - March 31, 2009 -

Glenn Beck, the man who purports to love his country so much, he can't seem to keep a dry eye when he's talking about it, was calculatedly and gratuitously vicious to one of America's most important legislators, Barney Frank. It's fair enough to criticize Frank's politics or even some of his private actions if they're some kind of hypocritical repudiation of his public stances. But “patriotic” Beck couldn't leave it there. When discussing Frank, Beck repeatedly spoke in a cartoonishly exaggerated lisp to mock Frank's sexuality in ways that were only designed to be hurtful. Way to show how much you really love your country, Beck. With video. UPDATED

First, “America loving” Beck had some cupcakes with candles brought to him on the set in order to wish Frank a happy birthday. “Happy birthday, Barney Frank,” Beck said, after bashing him for over a minute. “He's 69.” Beck paused before continuing with a hammy, sly smile. Speaking to the audience, he said, “I just gave you time to make your own joke.” So funny I forgot to laugh, as we used to say in grade school, probably the last time I remember hearing jokes about "69."

Later, in the segment, after more anti-Frank histrionics, Beck, ever the comedian, held up a cut out of Frank's head and, in a cartoonish voice with an exaggerated lisp, said, “Happy birthday, Sweetie Pie.”

Then came guest South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, he of the stimulus-denying money. But even Sanford seemed to find Beck distasteful. Beck noted in his introduction that Sanford was “not amused by these antics on this program.”

“I'm always amused by you, Glenn,” Sanford said, suggesting he was laughing at Beck, rather than with him. “I never know what's coming next.”

A few minutes later, Sanford defended his decision not to accept stimulus funds for education by saying that it would have been akin to child abuse to do so.

UPDATE: At the beginning of his show, Beck also made fun of Frank's homosexuality. With frenetic fake excitement, Beck said, "I'm just so excited... because it's Barney Frank's birthday. Then, with the same cartoonish, exaggerated lisp, Beck said, "Geez!' With pure malice, he "joked," "Let me ask you something. When Barney Frank blows out the candles and everybody's singing Happy Birthday to him and he's like, (Beck began the exaggerated lisp again) "'This is fabulous!' and he then blows (Beck made an exaggerated blowing/lisping noise) out the candles, does anybody else eat the cake?" With his "Oh, I'm a naughty boy" glee, Beck theatrically wiped his hand across his mouth and said, "Maybe it's just me." And then he giggled. (video now below).

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