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Hannity Aids And Abets Michele Bachmann's Unfounded Conspiracy Theories

Reported by Ellen - March 28, 2009 -

Sean Hannity once again allowed his desperation to attack President Obama to overwhelm any small sense of fidelity to facts he may have. Usually, Hannity's distortions (he was named Media Matters' Misinformer for 2008) include a germ of truth. But not last nightt. On 3/27/09, he swallowed Michele Bachmann's tin-foil-hat-level conspiracy theory that the country is in danger of going to a One World Currency and gushed over her for promoting it. With video.

You may recall that during a previous appearance on Hannity & Colmes, Bachmann denied having stated that members of Congress ought to be investigated to make sure they're pro-American, even though there is video of her saying exactly that. Not only did Hannity and FOX News not hold it against her, then-co-host Alan Colmes' portion of the interview was cut short when he contfronted her about the lie.

Lately, Bachmann has been taking to the airwaves falsely accusing the Obama administration of possibly joining an international plot to move the United States off the dollar and onto some kind of international One World Currency. Bachmann's claims are false. Think Progress has a great write up tracing FOX News' role in promoting this misconception.

But to Hannity, Bachmann is a victim. Hannity, of all people, began posturing as some kind of voice of civility as he melodramatically declared that the meanies on the left have done “everything they can do to smear, besmirch, attack” her.

Bachmann, with the kind of glazed look in her eyes one sees in members of a religious cult, said there's a “question” about “moving the United States off of the dollar and onto a global currency, like Russia and China are calling for.” I'm not sure what Bachmann meant with regard to Russia, but China called for something completely different, as Matthew Yglesias explains and, in any event, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has made it clear that while he's open to a change in the IMF's use of the dollar with regard to international reserves, he's opposed to replacing the dollar as the U.S. currency. But I'll-go-along-with-anything-so-long-as-it-smears-Democrats Hannity either didn't care to correct Bachmann or else didn't know she was pulling something out of thin air.

Staking her claim to Patrick Henry-type glory, Bachmann announced grandly, “Americans have to suit up and realize what's at stake right now. We have to fight for freedom and the future of our country.”

In that noble vein, Hannity added that Geithner had said earlier in the week that, as Hannity mischaracterized it, “(Geithner) would be open to the possibility or consider the possibility of a global currency as it was first advanced by all people, the communist Chinese.”

Wrong. As Politico reports, it was interpreted by some that Geithner had said he was open to an international currency but Geithner, himself, explained that he meant he was open to "the possibility of increasing the use of International Monetary Fund's special drawing rights -- shares in the body held by its members -- not creating a new currency in the literal sense."

“This isn't talk,” Bachmann ominously warned. She claimed that Russia, China, India, South Africa, Brazil and the United Nations have called for the use of such a One World Currency.

She also maintained that when she confronted Geithner and Ben Bernanke at a hearing, they said they would denounce it “but the very next day,” said Bachmann, “Our Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said that he would be open to the suggestion.”

“Yeah,” said Hannity.