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O'Reilly Sends Stalker Watters after Think Progress' Terkel Over "Alexa" Foundation Post

Reported by Alex - March 23, 2009 -

Bill O'Reilly has sent his proxy stalker, Jesse Watters, after Amanda Terkel of Think Progress for posting about O'Reilly's speech to the It Happened to Alexa Foundation, a rape victim support group. Amanda was on vacation 2 hours from her home when stalker Watters accosted her, demanding to know why she was "trying to hurt rape victims and their families". Amanda reported – as did dozens of other bloggers - on O’Reilly’s then-upcoming appearance in her March 1st column, objecting to the gross hypocrisy of O’Reilly aligni ng himself with a group such as the Alexa foundation when he has never apologized for blame-the-victim remarks he made in the past. Amanda has posted about the thoroughly creepy encounter here and says that the hit piece could possibly air as early as tonight.
Update Think Progress has a screen grab from the Fox site that says that O'Reilly is going to run the ambush piece tonight. Wait til you see the "fair and balanced"promo!

O'Reilly, remember, had insinuated that Jennifer Moore was partly responsible for her own rape and murder due to her mode of dress and state of inebriation and that Shawn Hornbeck must have enjoyed being held captive and sexually abused for 4 years since he hadn't escaped when he had a chance. In spite of an avalanche of phone calls and emails to the offices of the Foundation and receiving close to 1000 names and personal testimonies of rape survivors on a petition asking them to replace O'Reilly with another speaker, the Foundation went ahead and allowed this victim blamer and alleged sexual harasser to speak at their Florida fundraiser last week.

Perhaps O'Reilly's ire was fanned by the personalized cover letter (reproducedhere)which accompanied a copy of the petition which was sent to him (with all identifying names and details removed; only the Alexa foundation received the full petition). Unable, perhaps, to trace the petition authors or others who have been covering the story extensively, O'Reilly, in typical bullyboy fashion, chose an easy target to send his intimidation squad (the nebbish Watters and a cameraman) after: the 5 ft, 100 pound Amanda Terkel.

There is something really creepy about two men who are willing to tail a blogger’s car for hundreds of miles and harass her because she had the audacity to point out O’Reilly’s hypocrisy. Even creepier is the fact that O’Reilly thinks this is acceptable conduct and sent them out to do it. A lot of other people think so too, and the story is making its way around the blogosphere like wildfire. (I was hoping to post some links but my internet connection went down and I am finishing this on a friend's laptop in a rush). Amanda Terkel is well-liked, and hopefully the image of a middle-aged, fatcat bullyboy “journalist” sending his flunkies to harass and intimidate a petite young woman blogger will be just too archetypical and colorful for the MSM to ignore for long.

The fact that the fundraising event went ahead as planned (no word as to whether it sold out) would be satisfying enough for most people, who prefer to do their charitable work under the radar and let good works be their own reward. But no, not for O'Reilly, who seldom lets an opportunity to praise himself - while smearing others - pass by. So no doubt we can look forward to his smug, self-satisfied "I just pooped my diaper" smile as he describes his success at peddling his latest book at the Alexa luncheon, followed by finger-wagging righteous indignation as he predictably expresses his "outrage" at the "far left smear sites" who "tried to damage such a fine organization". Pass the popcorn.

We have an extended follow-up post planned for this week after we tie up one or two very interesting loose ends pertaining to the O’Reilly/Alexa story - to say nothing of new developments that may very well crop up. Watch this space.